After her mother's death, 15-year old Mia moves in with her aunt, the actress Cleo, who lives with her son Fritzi in a shared apartment in Berlin. Mia lingers for stability and attention but in between Cleo's rehearsals at the theatre and her relationally disturbed housemate Elisa, she finds herself in a world of adults who themselves seem to be unable to cope with life.

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Torpedo torrent reviews

Babbu B (mx) wrote: sirra movie aapunjab sarkar nu bann remove krna paina ess movie ton

Tonya N (br) wrote: It was an inspiriting little animated movie. A Zebra changes things he didn't expect to change.

Zahid C (au) wrote: Day: SaturdayDate: 23 Dec 2006Amt: 100RsTime: 10.45pmOver at: 1.15pmWith: Ismail, RohanTheatre: Central Plaza, MumbaiSeat No: J1, J2, J3Name: BHAGAM BHAG

Sonne V (jp) wrote: Cool animation. Especially like the crude look they chose, far from Pixar and Disney (love both btw) and the simple story with childish twists and plots.One thing though, the voicejob seems incredibly tame like underplayed, almost like the acters were bored doing their job!!???But a recommendable movie with older kids or you and a pack of your childish friends ; ) Made me smile.

Jyldy S (ag) wrote: So many stories can be elaborated just on the friendship between the two: taxi driver and the policeman!

Scott W (br) wrote: Yeah, so this movie is weird, and old, and cheesy. But I love it!

Dankwa B (us) wrote: Acting ON POINT. Directing ON POINT. The script is kinda labyrinthine, but the aforementioned on point aspects makes me want to watch it again.

David L (au) wrote: Love the painting. Love both actors and even the way the director chose the grainy way of presenting life in the 17th century, but really, it's a bit of a dud.

Judy H (nl) wrote: Refined but quirky. Not a single poor performance amongst the whole cast. Doesn't matter how many times I see it, I never get bored of it.

Greg W (au) wrote: gr8 yet another lost review