In 1944,when British navy convoys try to supply the Soviets with war matériel under the lend-lease agreement,the Soviet naval aviation base in Murmansk is attacked by German bombers.

In 1944 a Soviet marine air force unit stationed near Murmansk is fighting off the German bombers attacking the British navy convoys supplying the Soviet Union with war matériel under the lend-lease agreement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerry F (nl) wrote: I didn't like this one at all. Not funny. Very boring. I only watched 40 mins then put if off.

Simon C (es) wrote: Terrible terrible terrible. I watched every hammy-acted minute. You should not.

Faisal M (kr) wrote: enjoyed the movie alot and thought the perfermences by deepika and NNM wwas really good. both suited the role very well. guest appearence vy kay kay menon was very effectrive.the cinematography of the movie was great. agreed the movie was predictable but still very entertaining.

Chandra R (br) wrote: nice portrayal of the infamous serial killer. i enjoyed it

Ilsa L (nl) wrote: Anne Hathaway is amazing in her role as Kym, a girl with severe emotional problems who is allowed weekend leave from a rehab unit in order to attend her sister's wedding. Rosemarie DeWitt is also impressive as Rachel. As the story unfolds and the skeletons come out of the closet, the movie captures the angst very well. So well in fact that it is sometimes uncomfortable to watch.The movie itself is overly long and many things remain unexplained which is frustrating.

Luke M (es) wrote: The extremely talented cast assembled for Little Children plays each role with conviction and depth. Kate Winslett shines in deeply flawed role of Sarah, hitting the highs and lows so convincingly its seems too real to be acting. Jackie Earle Haley subtly masterful as McGorvey, but the stars of the show are two relatively unknown talents in the form of Noah Emmerich and Patrick Wilson. Although the voiceover seems like lazy filmmaking, Little Children is powerful and insightful viewing, with a superb script that allows you to read between the lines at just the right times.

Patrik G (jp) wrote: calmingly enjoyable,cutely funny,beautifully photographic

Diana W (gb) wrote: hillarious! actress charlotte gainsbourg was really at the top of her game!!

Benjamin G (it) wrote: well written screenplay

Michael S (fr) wrote: Cartoonish U.S. adaptation of the "Zatoichi" franchise that oozes '80s cheese.

Chris B (ca) wrote: not aged well. but I guess it is knocking on a bit.

Wes S (es) wrote: It's not Shrinking Man, but the colorful atmosphere and story-parallels make this a fun watch. Effects are decent, the props are neat, and there some good elements of suspense. The story is a little weak and there are some dumb moments. Otherwise, it's a fulfilling film.

Bambi J (ag) wrote: Loved this film! :D I also loved how it had a nice ending which is rare with a film of this subject matter. I loved how it developed and the acting... it was nice and different! Not entirely same-old but different, and with enough taste of home to relax and enjoy it for the ace film it is! :D

James H (ag) wrote: It?s an unusual western, and an unusual Elvis Presley film. More morose than I was expecting. The period detail is atrocious. The hairstyles are right out of 1960, not 1860. Still, it tackles some issues, and isn't a shallow film. Well produced

Carlos G (br) wrote: Got it and watched for first time since theaters. I had in my mind as 4 now 2.5 after 10 year hiatus.

Matt W (br) wrote: its the film that was filmed in worthing, theres a whole bit in the dome bit where you get tickets and stuff :)