Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella

Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella

For this second film in the cult comedy series Torrente takes our fat police officer from Madrid to Marbella in Spain to investigate a villain’s plot to destroy the city with a missile. This James Bond style slapstick comedy became the most successful box-office film in Spanish film history beating out only the first Torrente film.

Torrente has now moved to Marbella, where, after being wiped out of the money he had gained, has returned to private investigation. But in one of his cases he gets involved in the middle of a villain's missile plot to destroy the city and his own uncle's blackmail operation... and he knows nothing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella torrent reviews

Steve S (nl) wrote: Went on too long, young children will either love this film or may be scared by the 'evil' robots.

Sam M (au) wrote: Plain forgettable. Not true style of horror.

Jessica H (gb) wrote: This is a very mediocre film, with a pretty dodgy plot and some rather bland acting. It is saved from complete crapness by the presence of Tony Todd, who is menacing as ever.

Shantel D (de) wrote: I liked it. Christina Ricci is always awesome.... and this has a young Melissa McCarthy being a different character than you see her play now. It's a smaller part, but she's around.

Perrine M (us) wrote: Une lecture divertissante ne donne pas forcement un film divertissant. Les acteurs sont un peu inexistant, la narration est chiante, la bande son est a cote de la plaque... Bref je ne recommande pas ce film.

MF J (us) wrote: Wow this film is actually one of the worst piece of film making I have ever seen. It's so bad it's beyond fun! Part horror part comedy this film never really manages to find it's tone and ends up being a massive dud! Warwick Davies is really awesome as the Leprechaun and manages to be the best thing about this film. Everything else look, sound and is cheap, bad and clich. Anniston must pray for people to forget she ever was in this film, while the rest of the cast and crew is probably still having some laugh about this joke. Some sequences are really awesome though like when the Leprechaun steals a toy car and speeds on the highway and a cop stops him... that was mythic. apart from unintentional laughs and some interesting camera work, there is really not much to chew on with this vapid flick. Still one must say by today's standards it's one of these cult classic so bad it's great to put on the same shelf as Anaconda or The Room.

Roy C (kr) wrote: Eye-popping dog's life in and out of Vegas.

Omar K (ag) wrote: Controversially provocative director Spike Lee heralded the age of New Black Cinema in the mid-80s with his debut feature She's Gotta Have It, catapulting on the success of black exploitation and independent cinema of the 70s, and cementing his place as the pioneer of black cinema with his classic Do the Right Thing, a story of rising racial tension within a Brooklyn neighbourhood fused with tonnes of different cultures and lifestyles. Being 32 at the time of the film??s release, Lee showcases his flair for opinionated talk about racial matters by crafting a vibrant screenplay that will never run out of steam, and as well as directing, producing and starring in the film, Lee deserves credit for producing a timeless story that will remain culturally significant for a very long time. Do the Right Thing is a culturally important creation that will never cease to be essential, not just for black people, but also for pretty much every race on the planet. Its investigation of living with different cultures in the same society has something to say on immigration and cultural history, but the futility of its source of racial divide speaks mouthfuls of racial dissonance. Sal??s wall of fame in his pizzeria features only Italian-American celebrities, but the lack of black people on the wall even though black people frequent the pizzeria creates friction, and demonstrates so clearly how the outlet of divide is so pointless that its significance determines how racism infiltrates even the most banal features of society and is the cause of major problems. Do the Right Thing??s formidable scene of proclaiming every racial stereotype on the face of this Earth, no matter how insulting they may be, gives the film a dimension of truth that never goes beyond the boundaries of acceptability, and that gives Do the Right Thing the lease to remain a powerful depiction of racial stereotypes even a quarter of a century after its release. The reason it hasn??t been forgotten is the vibrancy of its depiction that oozes originality and allows it to pack a punch. The conversations matter, no sentence lacks meaning, everything works to give Do the Right Thing a social and cultural resonance that it feels stubbornly impactful. The camerawork bolts us into this world and serves to heighten our reaction to the film, because we get up close and personal to these major problems and are allowed to understand them from an insider??s perspective. This is important to Do the Right Thing, but the camerawork can be disorientating as well as unpolished, for at times the shuffling of the cameraman??s feet can be heard when zooming into these problems! The supreme factor in Do the Right Thing??s success is its excellent cast; from the bottom to the top, everyone expands the world with reality that little bit more. The American-Italian owners of Sal??s Famous Pizzeria are undeniably the stars of Do the Right Thing, with Danny Aiello and John Turturro giving gutsy and distinctly Italian performances. Aiello especially as Sal, the patriarch of the Frangioni household, embodies his character??s life with a seamless veracity that you feel every detail of his struggle as a father trying to support his family in this culturally diverse neighbourhood. There are also great performances from Breaking Bad??s Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) before he could intimidate, Martin Lawrence as a heightened version of himself, Bill Nunn??s Public Enemy loving Radio Raheem, and the late veteran actor Ossie Davis producing a clinical depiction of a friendly drunk. Everyone is so immersed into their role, this neighbourhood just breeds pure realism, and it can be pretty startling, because by the end Do the Right Thing has created a world so believable, its story and characters will stick with you long after the film finishes. The Verdict: Do the Right Thing??s depiction of racial stereotypes and cultural divide remains second to none, thanks to Spike Lee??s bitingly opinionated viewpoint that prefers to vibrantly show us rather than school us. ???????????????????? 9/10

Alec B (gb) wrote: I've never been able to shake the feeling that, given the talent involved, the film should be a lot better than it is. However it does have it's moments (Ruprecht is an inspired comic creation) and Caine and Martin make a great duo.

Harry S (ag) wrote: Michael Jackson's favorite movie

Aj (kr) wrote: I can't believe there's an Elvis movie I haven't seen

Steve W (ca) wrote: I watched this version because of Vivien Leigh. She is an amazing actress, which is why I checked this one out. A very tragic but excellent romantic story.

Carolyn G (us) wrote: Silly and slightly disturbing (that RDJ winds up with MSM) but I still have a soft spot for this flick.

Alexander H (br) wrote: GREAT AND POWERFUL!!

Ryan V (fr) wrote: William Marshall, reprising his role as Prince Manuwalde, still gives the part a better performance than the movie really deserves. This time Manuwalde is looking for a cure to his vampiric curse, but standing in his way is an obstinate voodoo princess (Pam Grier). Scream, Blacula, Scream! improves on the first film by removing the bizarre homophobia and adding Grier's appealing presence. This movie is definitely campy, but aficionados of blaxploitation cheese will find it to be a fun experience.

william m (br) wrote: A funny narrative with one of Hoffman's more memorable performances that stands the test of time

Bill S (us) wrote: An epic Western Adventure !!!