Torrente 4

Torrente 4

In Lethal Crisis, the world's most uncouth private eye is framed for a crime he didn't commit in the riotous fourth installment of the Torrente series.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   prison,   police,  

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Torrente 4 torrent reviews

Pam R (fr) wrote: Funny in some parts but not as good as I imagined. Isla's character was the funniest.

Tanja D (kr) wrote: lustiger/trauriger Film, aber hat mich nicht ganz 1/4berzeugt

Reece L (fr) wrote: It's important to note that Dolan's visual flourishes occasionally exceed his 19 year-old grasp, the style becoming excessive and distracting instead of helpful. That being said, the emotional and intellectual resonance and nuance that he's able to convey is astounding, the dialogue penetrative and layered with exceptional depth. The performance he gives is no less masterful, a perfect compliment to Dorval's loving, albeit absolutely imcompetent, mother. This isn't a perfect film, but it's undeniably emotionally affecting and certainly proves Dolan's talent, even if he's in need of some self-restraint here and there.

Nonit D (de) wrote: It was a good movie!!!

Alex A (mx) wrote: Stephen King's Cujo is an average thriller with solid performances, but a plodding first half, adequate but forgettable characters and an annoyingly abrupt ending. It's certainly intense at times and I'll admit it generated at least one or two moments where I was at the edge of my seat, but overall it's no more than a film to pass time with. Cujo is definitely reccommendable to diehard horror fanatics, but if you're looking for an all-around great film, Cujo's mediocre script makes it a film that can easily be skipped.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: Ladies, this, of course, is Derek Flint. Derek Flint is a genius who sits at home in his mansion writing books and communicating with dolphins. When the president of the United States is captured by a group of women who hope to rule the world, a secret organization comes calling for his aid. Flint agrees to take the mission and return the president within two weeks; after all, he is a genius?how much longer could it take? ?You know I?m no Don Juan.? ?That?s for certain, sir.? Gordon Douglas, director of Stage Coach, The Miracle, Follow that Dream, Santiago, Young at Heart, Girl Rush, Niagara Falls, and General Spanky, delivers In Like Flint. The storyline for this picture is not overly imaginative (thought it may have been at the time). This felt like a combination of Ace Ventura and Austin Powers. The acting, specifically by Richard Coburn, was wonderfully entertaining. The women throughout the picture were beautiful. ?By this time tomorrow, women will be running the world.? ?Women running the world, you can?t be serious.? Our Man Flint and In Like Flint are two pictures my wife has been wanting to see for some time. Fortunately, we received the Ultimate Flint box set for our anniversary. While this picture was entertaining, it was not as good as I had hoped. The comedic content was inconsistent and the action sequences were a bit slow and methodical. Overall, Coburn is fun to watch and the film unfolds nicely, but the run time is a bit longer than it needs to be. This is worth seeing but may not need to be in your DVD collection ?It is refreshing to be with beautiful women.? Grade: B-

Alan W (us) wrote: This is a funny movie

Sanity Assassin (es) wrote: amusing old english movie about a transport dispute. stanley holloway was pretty damn funny as the rich & eccentric drinker who funded the private train just because there'd be a bar on there that opened for longer hours than the pub! just a lighthearted comedy. sid james was in it too...

Joo A (us) wrote: Bastante ridculo e creepy, ideal para ver com amigos num final de dia! Uma das coisas certas acerca deste filme de acreditar que ser excessivamente memorvel! 60-65% :D 16/02/2014

Peter S (de) wrote: Once again, Ashton couldn't.

Emily B (gb) wrote: I read the book in high school, think I remember it being pretty good

Rolf H (nl) wrote: Kept everything I loved from the show and my Kickstarter money was well spent. Best line of the film belongs to Dick Casablancas as he describes himself as a Sexual Sharknado.