Tørres Snørtevold

Tørres Snørtevold

Fiskergutten Tørres vil bli rik, så han kan få hevn over konsul Krøger, som har tatt hjemmet fra hans familie. Han får jobb i fru Knudsens butikk, som han får fart på til egen fordel. Etter... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan B (ca) wrote: One of the best docos I've seen. Truly inspirational. These are badass dudes who don't take crap or sympathy from anyone.

Martin D (fr) wrote: Blade Runner! Only the Japanese verison. While it rips almost everything from Ridley Scott's film, it more than holds its own.

Jason H (nl) wrote: An amazingly powerful documentary that never fails to bring out strong emotions even on repeat viewings. It is amazing to think that happenstance allowed for such incredible events to be filmed by such good documentarians. Great film.

Todd H (gb) wrote: Funny movie. What happened to your Chevy Jimmer

Don S (au) wrote: A "true story" look at the slayings of a group of losers who deal drugs and rob for a living. Porn star John Holmes, known for the extraordinary length of his appendage, falls in with them to continue his cocaine habit after his career comes to an end. Gruesome murders. This is one of Val Kilmer's finest performances. Kate Bosworth is impressive as well.

Tyler E (us) wrote: I don't know how or why, but I came into possession of a copy as a kid and loved it. It's a childhood classic you can't help but chuckle even when the jokes don't quite land.

Zhanyi J (ru) wrote: Hard to watch, but not for disturbing sense. For me, it's the incoherent story telling. Guess an experimental film is suppose to be like this. Not my preference in a message of heated violence can change one's life for the worst.

Laura G (ag) wrote: soooo many boobie shots... otherwise pretty goud

Iskandar A (nl) wrote: Admittedly, Fassbinder is a great filmmaker with notable visual talents and dramatic potentials but if you would respect a director for his political engagement, probably you wouldn't be able to love his films for the same reason!

Janet H (ag) wrote: Great childhood memories! Watch it every time it comes on tv.

Brad W (gb) wrote: Another late night TV treasure that creeped me out as a kid.

WakeWRC89 (es) wrote: Connery still at his very best as Bond. Under water fight scene is spectacular.

jay n (us) wrote: Strictly for the Saturday matinee. Artificial and lumbering.


Brandon W (fr) wrote: Resident Evil Extinction is one of the films that I was kind of curious to see only because it's directed by Russell Mulcahy who directed Highlander which everybody likes, and Highlander 2 which everybody hates. Consider that the film takes place in the desert made me give up on the video game adaptations of Resident Evil consider that even though I haven't played all of the Resident Evil games, I know that there isn't one that takes place in the desert. So with that said, Resident Evil Extinction is better than the first and second movie. The acting is still good, even though Oded Fehr is still bland as ever. The scares are a little bit better executed than the previous films, although the best that it got from me was a startle. The characters are still forgettable as ever, but for some reason, they are a little bit better in this than the first movie or Apocalypse. The action sequences are still a lot of fun to watch, and the effects are still nice to look at, especially the setting which kept reminding me of Mad Max which I shouldn't even make the comparison as what movie is better since it's obvious. The plot is still dumb as ever and it just looks like they are never going to try to make the story interesting and just all around make it generic. Like Apocalypse, there was one thing that surprised me that that person was involved with this film, and that's Charlie Clouser as the composer. The soundtrack is really good and definitely sets the dark mood for this film. There are some stuff that don't make sense, and for the ending, I feel like they forgot about what was essential to stoping Umbrella Corporations and was a pointless excuse for another sequel. So I really like that Russell Mulcahy did what he can to make the film interesting and the pacing is actually fast, but this is the only Resident Evil film that he was involved with, and I'm worried for what's coming next for Paul W.S Anderson's Resident Evil Afterlife.

John D (br) wrote: The ending had me choked up, surprisingly. Good stuff. Lead actress Amanda Adrienne was easy to fall in love with. One of my new favorite grind house films.

Dawn C (br) wrote: I enjoyed this movie alot when I was young been years since I seen it so it may not be as good as I remember it!