• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
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Torturados torrent reviews

Taufik A (ca) wrote: my first Korean movie review and it's become my second favourite prison themed movie after The Shawshank Redemption,beautiful mix of family drama and comedy,one of the movie that will make you and your family (yes, i recommended you to watch this movie with your lovely one) cry and giggle at the same time,the father-daughter connection as the core of this movie between Ryu Seung Rong and Kal So Won is brilliantly portrayed by them,the supporting cast (the prisoners,the prison chief) also show their own charms,the PSH's memorable performance as the "story teller" also makes this movie almost flawless, almost flawless? yeap, well written with their great casts and it's little surprise in the ending make this movie worth to watch in every aspects, my favourite scene? when she said "Sir. I don't want to go far away. Can't you just arrest me too? Please...". A 7 years old kid said that.That's what makes it awesome, Daebak movie...

Alec N (kr) wrote: Great Commentary, Movie still sucks though.

Kristin R (it) wrote: When you do a movie about a dull and monotonous life, thats exactly what you get. A dull and monotonous movie. However, I did feel the atmosphere. I was bored the whole way through.

Patrick M (es) wrote: Hands down a great movie. Every time it comes on I give it a watch.

Lucas Y (de) wrote: One good thing I'll say about this movie is it held my interest. Having said that, it felt like a crappy episode of The Sopranos. Except this seemed completely unbelievable. Why would a sherriff not only break the law by keeping stolen money, but why would he risk his life knowing damn well the people who were after it? It was a loss either way. Seemed silly.... John Malkovich's accent was really bad.

John S (au) wrote: This movie is the one where, when you see it, you say,"Why the hell did I rent this."

Danny H (kr) wrote: One of the smartest comedies ever, this began my love of John Turturro.

Melanie D (gb) wrote: Really like this one. Don't know if it can officially qualify as being 'good' or not and i don't care either. Suspenseful, dark and intriguing enough to satisfy my 'thriller' thirst, and there are some quite amusing support characters thrown in, namely by Alda and Miller. Very worthy watcher.

Christopher S (it) wrote: So I finally got a chance to see this 80's Dolph Lundgren vehicle in its uncut form thanks to Synapse Films' Blu-Ray release this week. I hadn't seen it since I was 10 years old and was pleasantly surprised with this little piece of anti-Soviet celluloid. For an 80's B film the action is solid as Dolph's abs and M. Emmet Walsh and Brion James (both Blade Runner alumni) make for nice supporting roles. But what shocked me is the use of Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally" during one of the film's key action scenes. This movie was filmed in 1987 so that's right sports fans...."PREDATOR" ripped off "Red Scorpion" haha!

John C (us) wrote: This trilogy of "terror" only lives up to its title in the latter part of the story, and is merely an underwhelming anthology that aims for B-horror, but settles for just plain B.

CJ C (ca) wrote: Saw this once as a very young kid, love the opening title sequence with the pop- up book. And love David Niven always. I think Dirty Rotten Scoundrels might be a better film tho. My fave David Niven film is THE BRAIN (Le Cerveau, 1969) try to find it for a good laugh.

Stephen G (de) wrote: I was surprised at how good this was. Way more than the lines it's known for and the twist it has. Amazing film.

Sean R (br) wrote: It not only had nothing to do with the story. Terrible cast and just not worth seeing