Torture Garden

Torture Garden

Five people visit a fairground sideshow run by the sinister Dr. Diabolo. Having shown them a handful of haunted-house-style attractions, he promises them a genuinely scary experience if they will pay extra.

A special sideshow torture exhibit has the power, according to showman Dr. Diablo, to warn people of evil in their futures. As skeptical customers are shown the greed and violence they're ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Torture Garden torrent reviews

Joseph O (ca) wrote: Excellent film. Real good story , conveyed very well. Took a chance with this as it is an Indian film with subtitles but I'm very glad I took the time to see this. . Definitely recommend. Excellent story , true story to boot.

Kayla S (us) wrote: i just love this movie

Sean C (es) wrote: Enjoyable, id prefer the puppet version.

Dick O (ag) wrote: Funny, funny, silly. Worth it just to see Rochester in a larger role than he had on Jack Benny's show.

Wes S (ru) wrote: A low budget oddball of a film, it's no masterpiece but its just kooky enough to be entertaining. The characters are silly, the gore is great, and the basket monster is cheesy. The story is pretty goofy. It' all comes together as a fun bad movie.

Des S (mx) wrote: For the most part I thought this was pretty good, but I just wish there had been more action in it.