Tortured Females

Tortured Females

TORTURED FEMALES is one of few surviving films distributed by super-cheap Mitam Productions, which was essentially like a west coast version of New York City's Distribpix.

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Tortured Females torrent reviews

Reggie S (mx) wrote: Though it's let down by a b-movie script and some relatively tame ghosties, Oculus's time-frame shifting story and trick-of-the-mind camerawork make for some entertaining chills.

Gabriel T (ag) wrote: The Bourne Legacy offers pretty much what you would expect from a Bourne film, lots of action, a great lead role, and an intriguing plot, but this film can't simply hold up to what made the original trilogy so great in the first place in terms of acting, writing, directing, and the action sequences, even though they are not that bad in this film.

Pia K (nl) wrote: Aivojen lepohetkeen sopiva tunnelmapala. ^_^ (Suom. Management - tunteet haltuun)

Ian V (jp) wrote: Decent movie. However, not true to Stieg Larsson's book and a far second to the Swedish film. How can you completely change the story like that? Hollywood, please stick to what works...

AndrClaude L (it) wrote: Laura said I should watch it, and while this is an interesting film, I did not think it was a masterpiece.

Private U (ag) wrote: Sienta las bases de muhas cosasa que veriamos mas adelante. Probablemente el mejor audiovisuale del hombre murcielago. De obliigado visionado.

Ashley H (nl) wrote: Shenandoah is an amazing film. It is about widower farmer Charlie Anderson who lives a peaceful life with his six sons in Shenandoah, Virginia. James Stewart and Dog McClure give terrific performances. The script is well written. Andrew V. McLaglen did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Shenandoah is a must see.

Dan M (nl) wrote: Very entertaining musical, with great singers, some amazing dance numbers, and a lot of fun!