Tosca, la verdadera historia

Tosca, la verdadera historia


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Tosca, la verdadera historia torrent reviews

Benjamin W (mx) wrote: Aside from the obvious beauty of the ethereal music and floating camera work, the point that this excellent film drives home is quite poignant and covers many deep subjects such as meaningless death vs. an empty life, excess vs. poverty, and true intimacy vs. plentiful acquaintances.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Moody cop-thriller, which is pretty much all about Morse's mindset. The plot gets convoluted towards its end.

David H (ag) wrote: The Scenes with the Bats are in the Style like this Experimental Horror Movie i saw once, the Bats were real funny and i like this South Western Style and the Music

Deborah R (br) wrote: this was just so funny. the bat and the goggles. it was enjoyable, but i really wanted that chick to die at the end (and for the crazy scientist to get away ofcourse)

WS W (kr) wrote: Incapable writing & directing.