Toscaanse bruiloft

Toscaanse bruiloft

A bunch of people get married in Tuscany.

A bunch of people get married in Tuscany. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isadore H (kr) wrote: Not super entertaining, but dialogue and Tom Hardy make this one worth watching.

Ann D (ca) wrote: some really cool ideas and performances. loses itself with car chases.

Paul B (ca) wrote: Beautifully shot & acted Turkish movie about a group of justice officials accompanying a man arrested for murder on the hunt to find the victims body. It becomes clear, very quickly, that this is much more than a police procedural as the narrative seamlessly weaves into the background of the excellently rounded main characters to question the nature of truth, the reason behind certain acts & how we justify that to ourselves.

Richard S (es) wrote: I must have missed something with this, I watched it all the way through but I still don't know what was going on or what the point of it all was. There is something about it that still makes it watchable but I'm not sure what! I think it's just the fact that you're hoping for some kind of explanation, an explanation that never arrives.

Armando B (ru) wrote: There's no way this movie is getting compare to "Juno" or "Donnie Darko". The writing was terrible, Kat Jennings did really good for a poorly written movie. I like her a lot as an actress, but the movie just say no to it unless your into that. I just really didn't like this movie, I didn't hate it, but I definitely did not like it. So for this being a bad film but for Kat Jennings being so awsome in this film, I give "Daydream Nation" a D.

John Joseph M (jp) wrote: Things that go bump in paradise. Two strong central performances and some nice curve balls raise this above average.

Dudette P (de) wrote: loved this movie..the end was a little harsh..comeeeeeeeeeeeeee on!!!!!!!!!!

Isadore H (gb) wrote: A Walk Among the Tombstones stars Liam Neeson and is about him trying to find out about a series of grotesque murders and finding the culprit. Neeson is in once again fine form as an old badass, this time a private detective. The rest of the movie is pretty good too fortunately, although it suffers a little from being kind of formulaic and not terribly shocking. Also one of the decisions by a character at the end was pretty confusing for me, and wasn't very well explained, or even at all for that matter. However, I was definitely entertained by the plot, and the acting by not only Neeson but also David Harbour as a slimy villain was fantastic. The whole cast did a good job, bit those two really stood out to me, as well as the young kid Neesons character befriends. The film culminated to a pretty suspenseful ending that I enjoyed, and there were enough twists and turns that were combined with a pitch black tone that made this an above average film for me. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see Liam Neeson on screen or fans of dark brooding thrillers

Al H (es) wrote: This film is a piece of art.

Jose L (ag) wrote: It has it's moments.

danny d (gb) wrote: the farewell address from the greatest director in history. while this film is nowhere near one of kurosawas best, it is still very good. just watching kurosawa direct a film with modern developments in cinematography was a treat. the diologue was as profound as usual in kurosawas scripts, and the broad sense of the story was intriguing. the only thing holding this film back was a 40 minute span of the film that seemed like a titanic waste of time where the professor and his students mourn feverishly over a lost cat. i actually cried for a week when my cat died so i actually kind of get it, but pausing an otherwise genius story for 40 minutes for this cat story felt misplaced, purposeless, and made for bad movie watching. really, its the only wasted section of any kurosawa film that he ever made. despite this, the film is profound and worth watching.

Jennifer P (mx) wrote: Even the Boogie Man checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Simon H (kr) wrote: Remembered at the Oscars for Best Picture going to a British film, Chariots of Fire is one of those movies that will be remembered for a long time to come. Based on a real event, Chariots of Fire can't get anymore British if you tried. The story is simple with well cast characters connecting with one another. Locations have been chosen which both add to the film, as well as become memorable.There were two things that popped out to me as successful. One is the choice of showing the races in slow motion. It gives you time to really capture the emotions and looks on the competitors faces. To add to this, you also gain the electronic music from Vangelis. The music is not too overpowering and the classic theme is not overused. However, I wasn't 100% impressed with the movie personally. I felt that more emotion was needed in the characters for the audience to go by. The ending just seemed to arrive without any real build up. I feel that to really give the characters what they were "fighting" for all this time, they should have showed more emotion between one another with the big payoff at the end. Still, I can't fault for Chariots of Fire as a classic British film that many people will love.

Camille L (mx) wrote: Renie par ARNOLD SCHWARZENNEGER, son premier film est une pochade fantastique plutot drole a defaut d'etre passionnante. En effet, HERCULES IN NEW YORK n'est pas un bon film, certes, mais un film sympathique, amusant par moments avec des acteurs pas si nuls que prevu. Seule la musique est vraiment insupportable.

Rini N (br) wrote: I thought it was about Steelheart. Great movie:D

Min K (gb) wrote: If you love fun family films that are zany and ridiculous, this one's for you. If you value plot, character development, top-notch special effects and pristine cinematography... stay away. But how could you NOT like Paco, the stereotypical Mexican kid who lovingly calls Herbie "Ocho!?"