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  • Release:1983
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"Total" opens the trilogy that close "Amanece que no es poco" and "Así en el Cielo como en la Tierra" Year 2598. Three days ago, the world has come to the end in London, a lost and a small Castilian village atmosphere. Lorenzo, a shepherd, tells a series of extraordinary events that have been announcing the end of the world: the cows want to go to school, walls crumble, or Doña Paquita appears in the most unexpected places .. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Total torrent reviews

Israna (kr) wrote: full of wrong historical facts about Bangladesh! YRF should apologize in public and correct the narration in the movie

John G (jp) wrote: Horrible. thats all im going to say

Sandeep H (au) wrote: Well, its no different than the Step-Up series, as both have the same plot. But its decent enough to watch all those moves and music.

Sheila M (es) wrote: LOL DAVID EIGENBERG! STEVE! I love Steve. . .Ricky Ullman and James Spader too? Haha, how random. . .

Champ M (kr) wrote: HILARIOUS and VERY cute movie, but the best is to come in like mike 2

David J (de) wrote: The second Harry Potter film is spell-binding, but the narrative always seems to be meandering about aimlessly like a new student who's lost in the hallways of Hogwarts.

Libby T (kr) wrote: Another movie that lasts many generations.

Greg G (nl) wrote: What a nutcase! But it works :) good movie

Gregory W (gb) wrote: amazing cast good stuff

j t (kr) wrote: everything about this movie is a cliche. the casting is stock. the dialogue is tired and the acting is atrocious. it's always fun to watch eastwood. but this movie is a joke

Paul D (de) wrote: A 'b' movie in several senses which is enjoyable, but not blessed with much storyline.

Andrew B (fr) wrote: A minor Bergman, but still nothing less than worthy.

Steve S (ag) wrote: More comedy with Burt Reynolds and his friends. Pretty good stunts.

Paul M (it) wrote: As is the curse of this sub genre the final third rarely delivers what the first two promise. Luckily the build up offers enough subtle chills to maintain interest and forgive the inevitable failings of the reveal. Clearly "influenced" by Poltergeist it is a shame that the remake of said film failed in all the areas Insidious worked. Not sure why they had Darth Maul as the bad guy though.

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