Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse

Young, wild poet Arthur Rimbaud and his mentor Paul Verlaine engage in a fierce, forbidden romance while feeling the effects of a hellish artistic lifestyle.

Youthful poet Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis) drinks absinthe and neglects his devoted wife, Mathilde (Romane Bohringer). When young, wild poet Arthur Rimbaud enters their lives, he alienates the couple even further by engaging in a fierce, forbidden romance with Paul. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Total Eclipse torrent reviews

Alfin N (jp) wrote: Trying a bit too much to be a tearjerker movie.

Leo B (nl) wrote: Both Ernesto and Booby recommend it and I really enjoyed it. True it is not as scary as the first couple but I didn't need to lose sleep again, so im thankful! As you know it's about a guy who gains powers but soon come to understand that the"demon wants something back in return! His victim's soul! I felt the problem was it had paranormal in the title. If it didn't it would have done better as it's own horror/thriller type movie. I liked it quite a bit.

Jake C (mx) wrote: Oh damn! I cannot see it. And also, I've never seen films by Destination Films.

Germaine J (kr) wrote: It was a good little low budget indie. Horror king Joe Estevez makes a cameo. It had a crazy vibe sort of like Psycho meets Saw etc. Every time you think you have it figured out, it goes somewhere else.

Abeer F (br) wrote: Man this movie rocked! thr was not a single scene in which u cldnt laugh!! not a single scene! javed jaffree shld get the award for the comic role!

Mike B (nl) wrote: not a real horror movie. sure there are some gruesome things, but i think it leans more towards thriller than anything. the problem with this is that there isnt enough suspense. it starts a bit, then lets off, then gives you more then lets off. and again it isnt exactly a horror movie. with all that, i liked it until the ending. they could have done better. why duhamel didnt kill that guy with the rock i just dont understand.

Dani F (br) wrote: Italy is so beautiful, and Diane Lane is just as stunning.

Michael O (kr) wrote: Stand and Deliver tells the story of Jaime Escalante a high school math teacher who teaches at the troubled Garfield High School in the predominantly Latino neighborhood of Eastern Los Angeles. Throughout the movie, the plot centers around 18 Latino students who are struggling to get past Algebra when Escalante decides to challenge them to learn Calculus. This became a laughable proposition for both the faculty and students who were at risk of losing their accreditation due to the poor performance of the children. An initial butting of heads occurs and conflict between Escalante and the students ensues. However, due to his relatable humor and tough no nonsense methods, the students began to respect and love Escalante. In many ways he serves as the father figure to the students who are largely missing one at home. The film seems to be exploring the social commentary of the lack of parenting and accountability of families in the education of their children. One quote that stuck out was when Escalante states at the faculty board meeting that, "students will rise to the level of expectations." This overarching and resounding statement serves to foreshadow the eventual triumph of the students because of Escalante's belief in their capabilities. The film fulfills the teacher/mentor archetype but I would also argue it can serve as the hero "arc" because Escalante defends and protects his students from a myriad of accusations. In many ways I argue the film is most effective when the humor of Escalante comes through as it is how he relates to his students. Near the climax of the film despite suffering a heart attack he continues to believe and trust in his students and all 18 pass. Despite a testing irregularity near the end the film resolves with the students retaking the exam and proving their ability. It seems at the end that the film director is making a social comment on discrimination of Latinos and other minorities as the film suggests was the reason for the cheating probe. All in all I liked the film and thought it did a good job of balancing emotion with story and it left me with a worthwhile conclusion.

Shaun M (fr) wrote: Good movie; incredibly sad though.