Total Reality

Total Reality

David Bradley, stars as the roguish soldier Anthony Rand, who follows a ruthless general back through time in a last ditch attempt to save the universe.

David Bradley, stars as the roguish soldier Anthony Rand, who follows a ruthless general back through time in a last ditch attempt to save the universe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cory O (ag) wrote: Just not a good movie

Luke T (mx) wrote: Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis. Simply formulaic, but charmingly funny. I'll start out by saying that I've lived in Belgium my whole life, and I speak French. Coming from that point of view, this film was hilarious. I loved that it begins pouring rain the second he enters into the territory of "Le Nord" (been there), and the constant use of the term "Biloute" (done that). The performances are nice, especially Dany Boon, who did a great job of directing and writing as well. The story was nothing amazing, but because of the charming characters and my own love for anti-Northern France jokes, it succeeds greatly. Why 70%? Because you get plenty of clever laughs along with a likable, the situations are fun and its tight pace keeps things moving nicely. Extra: The English subtitles don't do the Ch'tis accents justice, they're hilarious. A lot of French humor revolves around wordplay and double-meanings, and this movie has plenty of those. Have you seen this dubbed? Is it any good? Well anyways, several very French/Belgian moments.

Bob G (nl) wrote: What might be the drug of choice that inspired this film? My guess is Bigoud Cidre Artsanal Le Brun Demi-Sec with a hint of Absinthe. It's 1917; girl misses her husband; leaves the town and tries to get to the Front by cutting her hair, joining a group of soldiers who turn out to be Deserters and it's clear why she and they are bottom of the class. Reminded me of Lowest-Common-Denominator; although this was a competition to be the thickest. Somewhat like a cheap version of Dickie Attenborough's "What a Lovely War" (1969), with instruments suddenly appearing and people breaking into grating Artisan songs; and some very non-Hollywood 1 minute shots of a river flowing. Must be allegorical or editing error

Ethan D (ru) wrote: You know, I really must just enjoy torturing myself. I mean, I only seem to watch terrible movies these days. Hopefully I will get to watching a good one, but I doubt it. So, what can be said about the movie Tarzan. Personally I liked it, with its engaging story, colorful atmosphere, and interesting characters. Unfortunately, this is not that movie. So, instead of getting a bright story that turns dark and edgy as the story starts to climax, we get the coming-of-age finding yourself nonsense that Disney is all about these days. Except now with 100 ccs of George Carlin. Our story begins during the first movie, somewhere in between the Elephant Stampede, and Tarzan's adulthood. We first see our protagnist, Tarzan(Harrison Chad), running from a mysterious monster that simply is known as the Zugor. It is then instantly revealed that this is actually a game that Terk(Brenda Grate) plays with Tarzan to teach him the ways of being an ape. As Tarzan is human, these exercises always end badly for all of those involved. So, Tarzan always goes off to be emo until his adoptive mother, Kala(Glenn Close) comes to comfort him with some crap about the entire tribe of Gorilla's being one tree that is held up by several roots or some other nonsense. So, Tarzan is calmed down until the most sinister thing ever happens to his family: Kala gets injured!!! Tarzan then realizes he is a danger to his tribe andm ust go away to Dark Mountain to be a whiny little emo brat for the rest of his life. When he finds himself at Dark Mountain, he runs into a familar face: Sabor!!! Sabor chases him into Death Valley, where the Zugor ends up scaring Sabor back to the jungle, and Tarzan deeper into the valley. When Zan the man arrives in the center, he meets the film's primary antagonists: the dim-witted Uto(Brad Garret), the exceedingly violent Kago(Ron Perlman), and their overprotective mother Mama Gunda(Estelle Harris). These three are also scared off by the Zugor, but Tarzan finally meets the mysterious monster. So who exactly is the Zugor the film has been hyping up? An elderly silverback Gorilla played by George Carlin. Seriously movie? You really want to go with this angle? Alrighty then. Basically the Zugor plays the role of our reluctant Mr. Miyagi, who helps Tarzan in exchange for Tarzan's secrecy as to the true identity of the monster. So now we basically have a montage where Tarzan tries to figure out exactly what he is. After trying to act like several animals, the Zugor, who has now become friendly to Tarzan within a ten minute montage, asks if Daniel-san, I mean Tarzan, would like to be a Zugor, and live out his days with Zugor. By the way, do you all know what a Zugor is? He is an adult version of what Tarzan went up on the mountain for in the first place. And all the while this is happening, Terk and Tarzan's Elephant friend Tantor(Harrison Fahn) go up to find Tarzan on Dark Mountain, with Kala and three little baby gorillas who are never mentioned again after the credits roll. Of course, everything can't be all happy forever. The antagonists reinsert themselves into the plot, finding out who the Zugor truly is after following Terk and Tantor, who were rescued by Tarzan after escaping from the trio, to the Zugor's den. And then Zugor finally realizes what Tarzan is: a Tarzan. Yep, thats right, Tarzan is a Tarzan. What a load of crap. And it is all irrelevant anyways, since he acts like a Gorilla in the first movie until he meets Jane. But, back to talking about this movie. So Tarzan now realizes what makes him unique is his natural resourcefulness. So how does he use his newfound resourefullness? To build a bunch of traps that will Tom & Jerry the heck out of the brothers. So how does this story end? Tarzan has to rescue his mom, and, of course, suceeds, Ma Gunda falls for Zugor and decides to stay with him on the Dark Mountain, Tarzan returns home, and that is the end. Well, glad that is over. Now, the animation is this movie is not quite as good as the first movie. The first movie's animation really knew how to set a mood, while this one doesn't. And the music is not as good as the first one either. Of course, that being said, the first movie's music was the only thing I didn't like about the movie. So anyways, this movie was bad. Like, really bad. But, then again, this movie didn't have that much potential to begin with. disney sequels just are bound to be terrible. I mean, think about it, Disney can make good movies. The 90's were filled with them. Lion king, Aladdin, Mulan, Tarzan, etc. But, they can't seem to make a good animated sequel to save their lives. But hey, at least I'm not reviewing another Disney sequel anytime soon right? RIGHT? And, it is not like, if I were, it would be another pointless midquel about friendship and finding yourself, right? Fox and the Hound 2 is next isn't it?

Mitko (us) wrote: not my type of movie but I saw it on the TV and in the end was surprised how beautiful it is, made me want to believe such a love story could be seen not only on a movie. the film was simply made but sometimes simple things are the greatest ones.

Jim M (br) wrote: I saw this thing and although I tried to enjoy it I really couldn't find much evidence of a plot - it was rather like an extended soap. rather too long and it did become boring before you reached the halfway point of the film

Kyle C (de) wrote: Another of Oliver Stone's classic talks on America.

Ty M (us) wrote: A fine, enjoyable comedy. It's not the best in the genre, but is nice to watch.

Chad D (ru) wrote: Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy's comedic careers really took off with Class, a film I thoroughly enjoyed and found to be quite funny, even though it lacks originality.

Theresa R (au) wrote: One of my favorite grown up comedies from my childhood! Sweet, cute and all that good stuff!!!!

Allan C (au) wrote: Thank you, TCM, for showing one of my favorite childhood Disney films. This film fascinated and terrified me as a child and watching it now, it's certainly not quite as scary, but it does hold up as solid entertainment. Tony and Tia are a couple orphans with psychic powers who set out to find Witch Mountain in order to find out about their mysterious past. Eddie Albert plays an old crank who helps the two. Ray Milland and Donald Pleasence plays a couple baddies who want to capture the two in order to exploit them for their own gain. Kim Richards, who plays Tia, is apparently one of the "Real Housewives" now and has lots of outrageous DUIIs and strange arrests now, which is kind of interesting. I'm not sure what happened to Tony, Ike Eisenmann. But over all, this film is better than most quickie Disney movies and the mystery of the kids past unfolds in a well structured manner. There's also a good score by Johnny Mandel. But that all being said, nostalgia may be blinding me on this one. I may just be excited to see the Star Purse or Tony making things fly around by playing his harmonica.

lateshia t (de) wrote: I love the stories about pirates and I like history and stuff, not to mention some adventuer and action, it should be good.

Rasheed T (mx) wrote: "Oh sweet child of mine."

Isaac C (jp) wrote: Tony Randel tries to mimic the way Clive Barker directed the first Hellraiser and it feels forced and it doesn't work. Hellbound could have been just as good or even better than Hellraiser 1 if Tony Randel directed in his own style or if Clive Barker directed.

Trinity (it) wrote: Poignant, intense, well done

Jordan R (de) wrote: It's a shame, since the first 45 minutes of "The Heartbreak Kid" have tons of laugh-out-loud moments. However, the second half turns relentlessly stupid, making the characters completely unlikable, losing all of the film's momentum.

Kristopher P (ca) wrote: Hitchock's rare comedy, but about a dead body. The movie has a wonderful dry wit and the new blu-ray version looks amazing.

Adam K (kr) wrote: Can't believe I'm just now watching this movie. It deserved a lot more hype. It was amazing and wow it's filled with so much I loved it.

harold g (mx) wrote: Fantastic acting and a truly suspenseful plot! I was pleasantly surprised and definitely recommend this one!