Totally True Love

Totally True Love

When the new boy in class, Jørgen, moves into the haunted house down the road Anne’s world turns upside-down; she falls head over heals in love with him. All the girls in Anne’s class fall for Jørgen as well, including beautiful blonde pony-tailed Ellen. But that is of no hindrance to Anne; she is willing to go further than anyone to win him over. When done in the name of love, everything is allowed…isn’t it?

A 10-year-old Norwegian girl falls in love for the first time. Her friends confront their own feelings as they witness her no-holds-barred battle with a rival student for the affections of a boy who moves into town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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b d (au) wrote: Review (1~5)#TrailerFraudIndex (lower, better): 1#Content: Script 5 | Acting 5 | Cinematography 5 | Film Editing 5#Visual: Costume Design 5 | Makeup & Hairstyling 5 | Scenic Design 5 |Lighting 5 | Visual Effects 4#Sound: Score & Soundtracks 5 | Sound Editing & Mixing 5#Overall (1~10): 9

Daniel P (ag) wrote: Magic Mike has a story worth telling, as well as a talented director and cast, but it mostly gets lost amidst all the overextended sequences of stripping and sexual shenanigans.

Samra M (us) wrote: This was actually a fair decent story and an equally well-made movie - but also understand the reason why it bombed on the box office!! - for starters, the makers had wrongly promoted it as an action flick belonging to RGV genre of movies! WRONG: it is simply put a love story! - then, both Mukesh and Padukone do not fit the roles and have been casted wrongly. They should've have given these roles to stars who could pull off the 'poor' look and language! - thirdly, given that the backdrop of the movie was a dance competition, the music was very very blah - the flick needed patakha, memorable music to give it the boost !!

Kali L (nl) wrote: Quite funny, best part of the film is seeing Louis CK hanging out, what I don't get is why make a whole movie based on smoking pot for 30 days and then you don't inhale once? What's with the fraud Doug?

Duncan C (it) wrote: wise lines and words go through the whole script, i would associate this movie with before sunrise series, however it is not that memorable and touching with plot.

Natalie M (fr) wrote: This documentary was extremely informative about an event that is not much focused on in American history classes, but there were some poor directorial decisions that kept the film from being more engaging. For example, the use of the talking head format was useful when the Chinese survivors talked about the horrific events of their childhood, but the use of actors for playing the talking heads of the people who have now died seemed ridiculous for a documentary and was distracting. The film clips and photographs from the actual event were very interesting, however. The shockingly gruesome details of what a lot of these innocent people had to go through will run through your mind even after the film has finished. Some film clips of the aftermath of the Japanese invasion might make your skin crawl and will not soon be forgotten.

Mithun G (it) wrote: Hilarious. The old boy has an awesome sense of humor and is a fine actor as well.

Jennifer P (es) wrote: loved this movie. one of my favorites. i love the melody of the songs and the characters are well done. but its not for everybody.

William R (es) wrote: Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. make this film and enjoyable

Ryan A (kr) wrote: Decent Western with enough originality to make it worthwhile. This was Steve McQueen's final film, and he was around 50 years old when he made it. I've never seen him looking quite so old and worn out. Tom Horn is the true story of one of the West's final legends who was hung for murder in 1903. The movie concerns his final year, when he is already notorious for his past exploits. The director uses slow motion to great effect during several death scenes. That probably brings to mind Michael Bay cliches, but they're actually much closer to Kurosawa's shots in Seven Samurai. There is no music in these scenes; their purpose is not melodrama, but the true violence of death. The action is also pretty unique. One particular scene has Tom riding up to a guy in his cabin and confronting him about stolen cattle. The man is watching him from his kitchen table through a large open window. The man suddenly fires on Horn with his Colt Walker, killing Tom's horse, and as Tom is falling he gets off a shot that strikes the man right in the head. It's a great stunt and scene, edited very well. (Interesting side-note: one of the design requirements by Sam Walker for the Colt Walker was that it would be powerful enough to take down a horse. Kudos to the armorer for picking a pistol that could actually do the job.) Tom's primary weapon is a Winchester 1876 chambered in the large .45-60 round, a weapon and configuration rarely (if ever) seen in Westerns. His prowess with an unusual long-range rifle reminded me of Quigley Down Under. One aspect that hurts the movie for me is that, like Pale Rider, the sound designer used canned A-Team sound effects for the gunfire. For such a unique weapon, you really do need to design a unique and powerful sound effect. The movie is edited in an odd way. It makes very fast jumps from scene to scene, some of these cuts span days or weeks, and we're dropped into flashbacks with no warning. The movie seems to stick to the facts of Tom Horn's life fairly closely. It's an interesting story.

Lars M (ca) wrote: one of joan's and one of my fav trashy 50's flicks!!!over the top!

frederator d (de) wrote: This is one Taxi you won't want to get in!

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