Totalmente Inocentes

Totalmente Inocentes

The community of the DDC is at war. White boy Morro (Fábio Porchat) and transvestite demoness Blonde (Kiko Mascarenhas) vying for power in the community. Oblivious to this, Of Faith (Luke D... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura M (ca) wrote: For what it was, it was decent. The biggest problem with this genre and this movie are night vision cameras. I know they do it to likely save money on effects, but you can't tell what's happening sometimes and it makes for pockets of boring and kind of loses the atmosphere

AJ B (ca) wrote: I first decided to see it because it features one of favourite musicians, TOP, but I was was BRILLIANT! I absolutely LOVED it! Gave me a whole new perspective and understanding of the Korean War, and was beautifully acted. I highly recommend it as a war movie, or to anyone who wants to gain a better grasp of the dramatic fight of the South Korean student soldiers.

William H (nl) wrote: It's more than just a comic book movie , it articulates the facets of what it means to be a "hero".....and demonstrates Batmans weaknesses , which makes home more relatable it's a story of two opposing forces, and Heath Ledger did a phenominal job with his the movie joker is an excellent villain: not just because of his reputation but he's able to make Batman decide difficult decisions that Batman has no control over's brilliantly directed, and it's a great movie because it's grounded, realistic, and NOT predictable by any means (anything could of happen), and a true movie goer who has passion for cinema will appreciate this films detail that it provides, and the movie itself

Jeremy T (ag) wrote: ...all I can say is, I did NOT see that coming.

David S (ca) wrote: This is one of the few times in a horror anthology where the framing storyline is actually interesting and not just an excuse to link a few segments together... Unfortunately, all the tales told within the film are complete derivatives of other horror films (the first is lifted directly from "Creepshow", the second from "Monkey Shines", and the third is "The Eyes of Laura Mars" meets "Dressed to Kill"). Not recommended, but I do admit I was entertained by John Ritter's cheesy, hammy, and over-the-top performance.

Mareen K (us) wrote: Unfortunately from my 2009 perspective, the ending isn't surprising for me. Still an enjoyable movie.

LuAnn A (au) wrote: This was a really funny film for an older film! All about sex and was fun to watch the back and forth between Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Cheesy for sure (how else do you deal with sex back then?)...but definately funny and safe for the kids.

Nickolai A (gb) wrote: never seen this movie but now Deanna durbin by others and famous song a la russian

Warren M (it) wrote: Waaaaay too long! Moderately funny. Will Smith has definitely done better . . .