Totò al giro d'Italia

Totò al giro d'Italia

A professor was appointed member of the jury of a beauty contest and falls for a beautiful contestant. In order to get the girl he must win the "Tour of Italy", so professor sells his soul to the devil to get the winning and the girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mathieu M (au) wrote: You think that you've seen it all in the Tour The France. Then you see this guy..Chris Eatough racing 24 hours straight. Wow, one of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen. It wasn't that bad, but not as much details as in Offroad to Athens. You only see two races, but they are very engaging. Music score is very good, and the scenery is very beautiful.

Niels S (jp) wrote: Imponerende cast anfrt af Bill Nighy og Julie Christie med en vidunderlig Romola Garai i hovedrollen, og Poliakoffs historie rummer god suspense, men forstyrres af en ulogisk slutning og grimme plothuller undervejs.

Kimberly H (ag) wrote: amazing is all I can say

Maksim B (au) wrote: A Perfect Day is a small scale, war-story that pays a most deserved tribute to aid workers around the world who risk their lives daily in war-torn zones. A war movie that does not emphasize violence, brutality and action in the pure meaning of genre, this is a thought-provoking, dark-humor soaked drama which does not work quite as a movie, but as a documentary with elements of acting. Slow-paced to a level that it could challenge the mainstream audiences, A Perfect Day does not provide answers to the questions it asks, but let you find your own ones by watching the absurdity of war, peace-making and the human interactions. The story of Fernando Len de Aranoa's movie is pretty simply, it covers 24 hours of the lives of several aid-workers trying to help the ordinary people in the war-torn ex-Yugoslavia during the 1995 war. Mambru (Benicio Del Toro), aid-veteran B (Tim Robbins) and the inexperienced and still idealistic Sophie (Melanie Thierry) have a pretty simple task. They need to find a long and strong rope in order to get out a dead body from a village's well. What seems to be a simple task, turns into a local journey that faces the absurds of wartime logic. Focused on people's interaction, on character study of what keeps people together in times of brutality and hopelessness, A Perfect Day works more as an odd documentary than a Hollywood movie. This could be challenging for many as the story is developing without a typical "evil protagonist" or a clear direction. Someone who is looking for a fast-paced drama, filled with war-time tension will actually be disappointed as the Fernando Len de Aranoa's delivery offers none of this. Another small issue which could potentially alienate some is the fact that the movie remains a kind of a "macho" and sexist delivery in which even the characters of Melanie Thierry and Olga Kurylenko remain underdeveloped and without sufficient attention. I assume, though, that this could be accepted by the audiences due to the fact that story actually depicts a time and a place where sexism was actually still present.In conclusion, A Perfect Day is a formidable example for art-house filmmaking which will please in terms of content, acting and cinematography. Challenging, but yet rewarding, this is a delivery that never aspires to be big while it touches feelings and thoughts which will stay stuck in your mind long after the final credits .

Tony S (es) wrote: One if the darkest films I've seen in a long time...delicously twisted. Hidden gem..not comfortable to watch..but I dare you not to see it through to the end.

Stacey J (mx) wrote: This movie was a disappointment. Boring.

Francisco S (de) wrote: Johnny Depp with this movie proved that he is one of the most versatile and consistently good actors ever. He turned the movie more funny and dark at the same time, he really did a good job. The movie could be considered a masterpiece in movies industry. It isn't only one more bloody movie. It has a clever story, a strong argument, organised screenplay, it's really unpredictable and we can really say that is plot is replet of Hitchcockian twists and turns, the final is really original and helps that the movie never stop improving at the end. Really thrilling and dark, and excellent exemple of a psychological thriller.

Johnny T (ca) wrote: Funny film watched it when I was small

Jonalyn B (nl) wrote: So dumb. But it made me laugh. LOL.

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: Loaded with pro skaters and a preformance by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (back in their H days). It's THE WESTSIDE STORY on skateboards. As for the sex scene, what happend to teen lust?

Robert M (gb) wrote: great Stanwyck, familiar triangle with new twists.

Paul G (jp) wrote: First half: actually good. Second half: ????????