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Toto and Marcellino

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Arun G (it) wrote: Paul Laverty's screenplay is laced with multiple occasions where the viewer is deeply moved and feels prompted to look up what the actual scenario with respect to poverty-stricken / homeless people is currently all about. Director Ken Loach takes the utterly distressing subject and turns it on its head by instilling virtues such as kindness to others even in extremely dire situations. Dave Johns in all respect, puts up a spectacular performance. So does Hayley Squires..and the child actors! Let me know if you did not shed a single genuine tear atleast once through those heart-rending 100 minutes.

Hunny S (kr) wrote: The subs were terrible but if you like jump scares this got me

Anthony P (fr) wrote: Not sure how accurate this is to the actual Lizzie Borden case but it was entertaining enough and Christina Ricci my sole reason for watching gave a great performance. Overall not bad for a lifetime tv movie and worth a watch for most or a purchase of you are a diehard Christina Ricci fan

Sean G (gb) wrote: Very low budget (I'm assuming Canadian) production (too lazy to look it up) that is tonnes of fun for anyone that knows what they are getting themselves into, and with a name like Wolf Cop, this film is preaching to the converted.Highlights include a shockingly original transformation sequence and a magnificent sex scene twixt bartender slut and Wolf Cop in a prison cell to Gowan's Moonlight DesiresWolf Cop has enough hilarity, weirdness and horror tropes to keep its audience happy. The film is paced very well and comes in at an appropriate, brisk 80 minutes.

NaWie M (ru) wrote: I watched this Movie very long time ago, it should be scary but it wasnt really. It was a cute Movie.

Bryon v (es) wrote: This really could've been a 30 minute special instead of stretched out into a movie. There were a couple funny lines, but most of it was just...UNCOMFORTABLE.

Jaws N (jp) wrote: DisneyToon now terrorizes the big screen, and even though they try harder this time and it's not all bad, it's still a meh retread.

Scott C (au) wrote: Sheds some light of the genius.

Dan M (kr) wrote: not bad, it kinda felt like Karate Kid meets Top Gun in some strange sorta way.

Nicolas M (mx) wrote: Un film japonais completement barre, qui commence doucement, l'air de rien, mais degenere tres vite en loufoquerie trash, decalee et jouissive. A voir.

William W (fr) wrote: I loved this screwball comedy about three women trying to snag rich men as husbands, discovering along the way that true love means more to either of them than money. Excellent work by Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and William Powell, and the 2.55:1 aspect ratio, Technicolor and 'You'll Never Know' by Harry Warren were awesome.

Michael M (es) wrote: No other movie affects me with such emotional profundity than this one - which, if there are any flaws, they are overcome to the sheer emotion this movie elicits.

Ken S (fr) wrote: Mediocre film about a homophobic cop learning to play piano from a flamboyant gay man. Could have better without trying to squeeze in an action/thriller element. Felt out of place.