Toto in Paris

Toto in Paris


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Jugnu T (ru) wrote: not as gud as i was expected

Thomas P (es) wrote: Pretty much a chic moves back to the house her father grew up in after her dad dies. Come to find out a paperboy has been terrorizing the neighborhood. The daughter then realizes the paperboy killed her father & is taunting her. She kills him in a bizarre way where she hits him w/ her car while he's on his bike. Knocks him up into a tree where a branch sticks inside him & kills him. At the funeral, they notice he's a triplet. So his two other brothers are alive. Then it goes off... Pretty much that's the gist of it.

Phil D (br) wrote: Good storyline and cast even had the psycho goalkeeper viv jaws wright from dream team if any1 remembers that good show but behind the sences badly put together and directed

Garrett C (de) wrote: Great movie and upset about the ending

Barry H (de) wrote: The movie is reasonable but i'd have to say maybe more could of been done and doesn't have much of a re-watchability factor

Scott M (it) wrote: you out of your mind if you don't think that this is a five star movie I'm talking 5 stars. brilliant, brilliant brilliant. excellent writing brilliant.

Lauren G (br) wrote: really bad film. the ending was unexplained and just thrown in for shock it made no sense. loads of holes in the plot and nothing was explained very well, accompanied by a terrible script and mediocre acting. a lack of character development combined with similar looking actors resulted in constant questions. reading a plot summary from a website was needed for closure, I wouldn't have understood any of it without one.

Michelle M (es) wrote: wached it once might wanna wach it again.

Greg W (ca) wrote: Gere channels his inner John Travola (in 'Saturday Night Fever') playing the oldest child in an Italian-American family in NY.

Guillermo G (de) wrote: Muy oscura y srdida

Sean F (gb) wrote: Throughout the film I liked the way that the two main characters (the young women from Paris and the man that owned the farm) grew fond of each other even though they came from such different backgrounds. They seemed as though they were never going to see eye to eye but as life passes them by they realize that they need to be there for each other especially on such a desolate place as the farm land of France. The one thing I wish the director did different was the pace of the movie. Some scenes seemed to drag on a little. The thing that interested me the most about the film was the fact that the original owner of the farm wanted to stay. I know he said he had to, but...did he really have to or was he not ready to let go? Overall, the film was okay and I probably wouldn't watch it again.

Gwenllian L (ru) wrote: Another favorite from Andy Lau, a great cat-and-mouse movie about a thief with four weeks to live and the cop who's trying to catch him even though he's not sure he actually wants to bring him in. My absolute favorite scenes took place on the bus whenever the thief was avoiding the cops.

James H (it) wrote: Exquisitely made, great costumes and sets, fine art direction, good score and beautiful to look at. The acting is good. But, I found it to be boring as hell and couldn't stay interested in it. Too talky, slow moving and it seemed endless.

Mary M (de) wrote: Movie really opens your eyes up to some what how prisoners treated in other country's. Richard Gere is Awesome! I really liked the story and how it played out!

Shane D (gb) wrote: It's interesting watching this some 20 years after seeing it for the first time. Myers has arguably made the same film, or at least played the same character for the best part of 30 years. Not saying he isn't a charming lead, or worth his weight in laughs, but you can definitely see history repeating itself in his shtick.

Michael P (it) wrote: After watching Lewis and Clark, Edwin is ready to move forward in history to the battle for control of Europe. We're up late tonight since a fever will keep him home from school tomorrow. #littlehistorian

Robert F (de) wrote: Loved the movie. Superman shows these so-called heroes what truth, justice, and the American way is all about.