Totò lascia o raddoppia?

Totò lascia o raddoppia?

The Duke Gagliardo della Forcoletta, penniless and expert in horse-races, finds out he has a daughter, Emma Marini. Her job is in the bar Aurora. The Duke decides to participate in Lascia o...

The Duke Gagliardo della Forcoletta, penniless and expert in horse-races, finds out he has a daughter, Emma Marini. Her job is in the bar Aurora. The Duke decides to participate in Lascia o... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Totò lascia o raddoppia? torrent reviews

Tracy M (ru) wrote: one of the worst movies ive seen. drama drama

Alex D (ca) wrote: ugh, this movie just dragged on and on! flip flopping from the hospital to her memories! it was just painful getting through this movie! it was corny and too forced! I'm at the end of the movie, can't wait till it's over.

John O (gb) wrote: A well-crafted, uneasy viewing experience.

Ruhan R (kr) wrote: Nothing legendary here, but it was a solid action flick that didn't recieve enough attention. The script was direly cheesy, but it had some good lines here and there regarding ethics and redemption. With the exceptions of the starring performers, the acting was pretty bad. All of the villains were just so stereotypical and the actors didn't add any dynamic to the characters. I thought this film would revolve around action scenes like many bad action flicks, but it turned out to be more plot-based. The action scenes themselves were quite standard, but there were a couple events (like that van John randomly hotwires at the cafe). Far too many lucky saves by unseen allies too, that trick was used far too much. The idea that the film was based on was actually pretty good. I thought it was quite unique, it blended Stolkholm Syndrome with some good old double-crossing and it had some pleasant results.

Anthony V (br) wrote: I've been searching for this DVD on my racks for years now and then, jadan! FOUND IT! This is my second viewing and still, I am blown away! Satisfyingly first-rate sequel! I've been a fan of Mimic since the first time I saw it. Maintained a pretty interesting and entertaining follow-ups. This one has a hitchcock feel to it. It interlaces multitudinal topics about voyeurism at full length throughout the film. It has impressive acting, pretty slick location, good story. And it's direct to video. A great finale will keep you on the edge. Recommended! And definitely, A keeper. 4.3 out of 5 stars! :)

andrew p (ru) wrote: same thing done so many times

Colby D (mx) wrote: Truly before its time

Brad G (mx) wrote: Still set during blitz bombarded WWII England, Sherlock Holmes thankfully leaves the Nazi espionage behind with this loose adaptation of Conan Doyle's The Musgrave Ritual. While Dr. Watson attends to traumatized soldiers at Musgrave Manor, a few poor souls start popping up corpses. Holmes is called in to keep his investigation private and to debunk some possible supernatural hokum. A sizable improvement to Sherlock Holmes in Washington, Faces Death has several nifty set pieces including an indoor lighting strike. VF.

Matthew B (br) wrote: "Maybe one of the worst films in the entire solar system, including alien productions we've never seen. A flatworm could write a better script and in some countries - China, I believe - running [the movie] once a week on government television has lowered the birth rate to zero. If they ran it twice a week, I believe in twenty years China would be extinct". - Sylvester Stallone reaction to the film and claiming it to be his worst movie, which he isn't wrong about that.

Abb J (kr) wrote: The Gallows: You know you are in trouble when the four main cast members in a film use their own first names for their characters. This is an embarrassingly amateurish, feeble attempt at moviemaking. The flimsy plot, about a group of high schoolers putting on the same play during which a student died during a freak accident 20 years earlier, makes absolutely no sense. It has the unlikable characters filming themselves while flailing around their high school the night before the big performance, acting panicked for no good reason. Complete garbage. F

Al M (ag) wrote: I was excited to see Francis Ford Coppola direct a horror film, and I was even more excited when the film opened with Tom Waits doing voice-over narration. Unfortunately, the film was pretty much a letdown from there on out. Coppola's attempt at using black and white to achieve a Gothic vibe just feels silly, and the movie never seems to know whether it wants to be a comedy, a drama, or a horror film. It is an interesting but thoroughly confused and disappointing effort.