Totò Sapore e la magica storia della pizza

Totò Sapore e la magica storia della pizza

Totò dreams of becoming a great chef, but he's poor and can't buy the ingredients. Everything changes when he finds four magical pots that turns everything into food. Seems that his luck ...

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Archimedes T (it) wrote: Liked the game, but this was a bit of a let down.The acting was pretty much sub par. It didn't have ridiculous overacting that made the video game entertaining, it was very toned down.The casting could do a bit of work just because they look like they need to be made up a lot in order to get the feeling right.I would rather have:Jack Black as GumshoeJames Avery as the JudgeToby McGuire as Phoenix/NaruhodouJames Franco as Miles/KenjiTopher Grace as Larry ButzJack Nicholson as Winston PayneHaruka Kinami as Maya FeySaori Hara as Mia FeyBen Kingsley as Von KarmaRizwan Manji as SawhitAnd maybe Charlize Theron as Dalhia Hawthorne in the future

Richard K (br) wrote: Simple and cute but not special.

Mike L (us) wrote: Thought it was a well-done documentary about a grueling endurance race. Beautifully shot.

Nagvendra S (br) wrote: Such a strong Idea gone to waste with a flawed screenplay and below average acting. I don't know about the first timers, but what the hell happened to Sushant Singh? He acted as if he wasn't getting his cheques cleared. Even Kelly Dorji did a better job when it came to dialog delivery as a flabby kick boxer. Anyway, I won't waste anymore time on this one, watch it for its honest effort if you have to.

Cory S (fr) wrote: It's corny but pretty good. The supernatural element is fun, it's like The Dead Zone meets your standard cop/serial killer thriller. It's also another movie Keifer Sutherland plays an alcohol who smokes every scene. Just imagine if Jack Bauer had psychic powers.

Armando P (mx) wrote: As far as Snuff movies - movies go, this was quite bad.

Sally D (br) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. Funnier every time I see it.

Daniel C (es) wrote: More meta-meta-cinema, less Iranian culture plz.

Eric M (kr) wrote: The historical epic is clearly the most beloved of genres for Ridley Scott, and I find it hard to understand why "1492: The Conquest of Paradise", an early and fascinating example of Scott gaining his footing, is so underrated and underappreciated. Of course, the film isn't perfect, a bit overlong and inconsistent. But Scott's neoclassical-inspired artistry and sense of pageantry is seen fully flowering. His cinematography is stunning, basking in the glory and ambition of Columbus' quest and fully immersing the viewer into the historical world of fifteenth century Spain. It captures the enchanting allure of the new world, and the zeal and passion of Columbus is utterly understandable.The character of Columbus is a fascinating one in "1492", a zealous and powerful personality whose endeavor gets far out of his control. The casting is both brilliant and a failure. Gerard Depardieu is physically and emotionally perfect for the role, but his accent is atrocious. Also, Sigourney Weaver is a bit distracting as Queen Isabella. But Scott's screenplay explores fascinating subtexts, touching on ambition, passion, zeal and the cruelty and evil that follows man wherever he treads on the Earth. Columbus is a tragic hero, a fascinating take on the story. Also, no review of the movie would be complete without mention of the rocking Vangelis score, which is occasionally dated, but at other moments rips forward with a chilling choral theme that'll give you goosebumps when combined with Scott's powerful imagery. Ultimately, an underrated early entry into Scott's historical epic canon that deserves to be rediscovered and given a proper Blu-Ray release.

Tammy D (ag) wrote: I love lifetime movies!

Sunny D (au) wrote: Cheesy 80's stuff, but my god was it beautiful to look at! Fantastic colors.

Mark B (es) wrote: An ambitious story surely inspired by the "Red Scare", this is one of the first ventures to address life after nuclear war. It is mediocre in many ways, but still manages to be entertaining. The passage of time, however, has added a hue of campiness that director and star Ray Milland could not have intended. The key characters are the four members of the Baldwin family, played by Milland as the father, Jean Hagen as the mother, and Frankie Avalon and Mary Mitchel as the children. Avalon, just 23 years old during filming, was at the end of his recording career but just getting started in Hollywood. The Baldwin family and most of the surviving population of Southern California is headed for the hills after what we assume is a nuclear attack on Los Angeles. It's every man for himself, and the paternal leader of this clan is taking no chances. Son understands the situation, but Mrs. Baldwin doesn't like what she sees in her husband. The family is torn between their compassionate nature and their leader's staunch position that safety and suspicion of all others is paramount. It is this tension created within the family that drives the action and keeps us watching. This is sort of an odd movie, with some overacting and dialog that might make you cringe a tad. Milland seems to have a point he is trying to make about family, society, and survival. But if you don't get lost in that, and can handle a less-than-stellar production, you'll find this to be a little bit of fun.

Niels S (us) wrote: Excellent biopic about Churchill's war effort. Sequel to "The Gathering Storm".

Edward C (de) wrote: Shaun Of The Dead(2004)Starring:Simon Pegg,Nick Frost,Kate Ashfield,Lucy Davis,DylanMoran,Peter Serafinowicz, Penelope Wilton,Steve Emerson,Nicola Cunningham,Reece Shearsmith,Bill Nighy,and Jessica HynesDirected By:Edgar RightReviewA ROMANTIC COMEDY. WITH ZOMBIES.Hello Kiddies your pal the crypt-critic here with a horror movie so great you'll die laughing. This is the beginning of my marathon with Edgar Wrights Cornetto trilogy but the end of Hoop-tober. Either way grab a pint and a cornetto.There comes a day in every man's life when he has to get off the couch...and kill some zombies.When flesh-eating aombies are on the hunt for a bite to eat,it's up to slacker Shaun(Simon Pegg) and his best pal Ed(Nick Frost) to save their friends and family from becoming the next entree.We all know about the classic zombie films like night of the living dead,dawn of the dead etc. But this is one of the few films to not only satirize zombie films but also somehow stay faithful to them,this British comedy stars Simon Pegg as a lazy absent-minded Shaun with his even more lazy and absent-minded friend Ed played by Nick Frost. When the zombie apocalypse happens however they turn into two unlikely heroes fighting zombies and get laid all at the same time.Most are so familiar with this it's hard for me to talk about it. This film is a great start for a great trilogy and a lot of fun so grab a pint and a cornetto and enjoy Shaun of the dead for Halloween I give it a four out of five.