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Tototarzan torrent reviews

Marta R (nl) wrote: The ending was inevitable from the get-go, yet I thought it was an interesting topic and fun to watch.

Paul P (es) wrote: At about the 30 minute mark you realize, there is nowhere else for this story to go. The characters are set in stone, you know how it will end and from then on you lose interest. The acting across the board is very good and that's about the only thing that keeps your eyes on the screen. While Holbrook is very good, this isn't a career defining, tour de force type performance that some have made it out to be.

Natalie K (ru) wrote: Just couldn't get into it.

Laura A (mx) wrote: Colin Firth is one of my favorite actors. I have to see this.

Braeden F (jp) wrote: This was the first horror movie I watched as a kid. Now 19 I realize some of the stuff in it is kind of cheesy. But to me that's what makes it enjoyable to watch. I own it on DVD and I'm proud of it. The sequel on the other hand... just watch the first one

Brian T (au) wrote: poorly acted, horrible script. bad set design. Overall a horrible movie.

Andrew C (jp) wrote: Oh, the camp of it all! What a great drag show ... although it could have stopped at an hour.

James R (kr) wrote: "No no not the Gravy."

Tania H (de) wrote: Painfully boring. At least half the stuff on youtube is more interesting than this drawn-out snoozefest.

Countess N (mx) wrote: A good black and white movie about what happens to a relationship after the loss of a child.

Alejandro C (ag) wrote: Si la piensas bien no tiene demasiado sentido, pero me ha entretenido. Y me siguen sin gustar las pelculas cmara en mano

Greg W (de) wrote: one of my fave woody allen pic just watched again and it still holds up well and made me laugh it sets the stage for such pix as 'forest gump" and others