When Juvenal, a presumed miracle worker, appears on the scene Bill Hill attempts to exploit him but his plans go astray with the untimely intervention of August Murray and the developing relationship between Juvenal and Lynn Faulkner.

When Juvenal, a presumed miracle worker, appears on the scene Bill Hill attempts to exploit him but his plans go astray with the untimely intervention of August Murray and the developing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(ca) wrote: Even the trailer itself is still a better love story than Twilight ;) This movie is incomparable to Twilight although touching the same subject of werewolf. There is much more interaction and the love story is far more mature and very heartwarming. The chemistry between the two main characters is very strong. I give thumbs up for the Song Joong-ki because he acts mainly through faces and body languages. My critique would be towards the antagonism in this movie. It just seems like soap opera type of bad guy that is pushed to be really sly and arrogant to the extreme.

James J (br) wrote: Shane West ruined this film with his Andrew McCarthy style of melodrama. Shit.

Steve H (us) wrote: The Director of 'Love and Honor' 'The Hidden Blade' and 'Twlight Samurai' changes tact here for this story set in 1940. Straight away i noticed the use of certain items that he couldn't have in his earlier period pieces (but i thought were cleverly presented at the start of this film). Namely - The newspaper, the car and the clock. All telling us about how time has changed things. Or maybe i'm just comparing and reading too much into this. Certain things haven't changed - the mother still in the same position cleaning....and the style of the film, although both the tale and the picture are darker with events happening faster. Maybe faster or quicker are the wrong description it's still at a snail's pace - This director is a brilliant storyteller and there's no need to rush. It's always been about relationships.....and this one is about the children's with their mother. The setting isn't as charming as the other films, but the story's good...I liked it. I liked the 'bowing' scene, that was humourus. Not bad when it's the director's 80th film! This was totally fascinating and absorbing. But i didn't like the's the weakest of his i've seen.

Grifty G (kr) wrote: Although it has some great stuff in it, this film suffers as the middle film, in that it doesn't have a real conclusion, the way parts 1 and 3 do, and much of the film is made up of scenes from part 1, and a lot of on screen text to tell you what's been happening since the first film. Basically it sheds more doubt on their guilt, and shows how the first film has impacted the case.This becomes a little bit of a showcase for Mark Byers in some ways, which is entertaining for sure, but ultimately this has the least amount of substance, and is the weakest of the 3 Paradise Lost films.SPOILER: To hand it to the filmmakers though, I think much of the reason this film was made and released was because Damien was about to run out of appeals back in 2000, and they were trying to drum up more support for his and the other 2 boys. Which I think they did, and Damien probably would have been executed by Arkansas by this time if not for these movies. So for that reason alone, I think it's heart is in the right place. But as far as the bulk of the story of these three teenagers, Parts 1 and 3 have it pretty much covered.

Anna B (au) wrote: Not a whole lot to say about this one other than it's fun and it made me laugh. In terms of performances, some are great, others are too manic and shouty, but overall it's pretty enjoyable.

Justin B (us) wrote: Trashier retread of a trashy attempt at art-house. It's nasty, unforgiving and graphic. Not bad if you can stomach it but considering Cannibal Holocaust tells the same story better, just watch that.

Scott C (nl) wrote: Gorgeous-looking, but slow.

Chris M (mx) wrote: Well made 70's chiller with yet another bunch of killer tykes murdering a handful of uptight men and women at a secluding, snowy mountain retreat after their mental hospital bus crashes. Despite tales of producer/director/writer fueds on the set, a 38 minute director's cut, re-shoots, re-writes, etc. the film comes off surprisingly well with a few really stand out moments and much better acting than one would expect from such a low budget film. It's a pretty creepy oddity that one will probably not forget soon after. This is one worth looking for.