Touch the Sky

Touch the Sky

A family divided between two continents put their differences aside when one of them is diagnosed with cancer.

A family divided between two continents put their differences aside when one of them is diagnosed with cancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt E (it) wrote: Very underrated zombie flick.

James C (us) wrote: Good but not great work for France's Franois Ozon. Strange tale of a single mother and what happens when she has an encounter with a coworker that leads to a relationship and a very usual baby. To say more would give it away. While a bit overly symbolic toward the end, the film has charm and well drawn characters & relationships. Much better than "Angel" but no nearly as good as his earlier works.


Michael H (kr) wrote: Great visuals, and supoorting cast, however, this newer edition can't quite find the footing he desires, and a weaker ending doesn't hold up.

Angelo S (ca) wrote: I fell asleep after the very first scene but that first secene was so amazing i gave it 4stars anyways

Issac L (de) wrote: This highly-praised documentary from Scottish director Kevin Macdonald (THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND 2006, 8/10, STATE OF PLAY 2009, 6/10), spunkily tackles the most inconceivable survival story in the mountaineering history, narrated by Joe Simpson and Simon Yates in propria persona of their perilous conquest to the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985, while faithfully re-enacts what had happened during the lengthy 168 hours. It is such an incredible and telling story which could eclipses Danny Boyle's 127 HOURS (2010, 8/10), Joe's destiny is as much indebted to his heaven-sent luck as his professional surviving skills and the tenacious willpower of staying alive. The talking-ahead forthrightness from Joe and Simon delineates their adventure in detailed nuance, carefully selected words without any bells and whistles, instantly brings audiences to the locale, we are fairly certain it is a mission impossible to do the copy-cat climbing and abseiling since it is unimaginable to transport a team of crew to accomplish such a chimera, still team Macdonald exerts formidable effort to show us what kind of beast Siula Grande is, a reverential task has been adroitly done and salute to the cameramen, two actors (Mackey and Aaron) and stunts. The natural immenseness, the icy whiteness and the fearsome precipices are soul-engulfing, and the forlornness is overpowering even we all know they all outlive the unthinkable misadventure (I keep imagining in the end of the film, Macdonald would show us a frontal shot of Joe with one leg only or a prosthetic leg). Myself is never an extreme-sports advocate, putting one's own life in jeopardy to pursue some kind of spiritual catharsis or mental orgasm (maybe physically as well) has never been on my agenda, notwithstanding which, the film fortuitously excels its reassuring ode of human strength and reaches a soul-searching incisiveness for every viewer to reflect on our regards of nature and life. When curiosity being satisfied, the film still imprints its indelible mark on the ectoplasm level, great work indeed! The film's 106 minutes running time seems rather short to me, when Joe finally reunites with Simon, the film also soon ends with succinct captions indicating their later life, which inevitably makes me wonder what is their rumination of that accident after the heaven-or-hell experience, I wish the film would be a bit longer to tap into that aspect, it would render us some revelation on a more humanized surface, then it would be an impeccable documentary feature for me. But anyway the film is the new entry of my top 10 BEST PICTURE in 2003, bravo!

Bey D (us) wrote: Dark, hilarious, and bizarre.

Teena D (br) wrote: It was filmed in KC's favourite park.

Simon D (fr) wrote: A period drama about a court case which escalates to be a pre-civil war debate about slavery. It does have some very dramatic scenes and is well acted out by a strong cast but it is too long and pretty slow.

Lee M (ag) wrote: The fractured and elliptical narrative does make for tough going at times but viewers who hang in there are duly rewarded with moments of true inspiration.

Matthew O (au) wrote: Totally preposterous premise but so fun! Shirley Temple all grown up (but still mildly annoying).

Calvin C (gb) wrote: Not just a great musical, but a great bio pic as well. James Cagney has some moves. The songs will stick to your head and the movie will make any American patriotic. One of the classics. Grade: A

Pete G (mx) wrote: Its got a kind of vantage point feel to it, not his best film but a good film nonetheless

Philip S (nl) wrote: This movie was ok to start, then then you realized the ending can't make any sense. Then the ending was...terrible.