A former high-school football star loses his shot at a college scholarship due to a devastating gridiron injury, but gets a second chance at living his dream.

Former high school football star turned farmer and family man Scott Murphy seeks counsel from his longtime mentor when he gets a unique opportunity to revisit his youth and the injury that ended his football career. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Touchback torrent reviews

Fredrik S (us) wrote: Surprised that Lasseter put his name on this one, or maybe the "Story by John Lasseter" was just to acknowledge that this was a total ripoff from his excellent movie Cars, down to the last supporting character. Well made but lacklustre.

Dilhara A (fr) wrote: Somewhat silly, nothing original. The scenic Scottish landscapes is about the only highlight of this movie.

Francisco S (nl) wrote: Extremely well acted, with perfect Meryl Streep performances, with a clever script and with a very pertinent and interesting theme, The Iron Lady can be considered a prominent documentary that approached the theme with the delicacy that it deserves.

Shawna S (ru) wrote: I thought this was an interesting little movie. It was a little crazy like the title suggests but I would see it again.

Jim H (gb) wrote: Two goof-balls get lost in the white part of Morocco.Let me get the serious stuff out of the way. Morocco is portrayed as radically other. All of the attractive characters are white actors playing "brown-face," and all of the unsavory characters have accents and are excessively tribal and violent. This portrayal continues the traditions that Edward Said writes about in Orientalism in which he claims that films like this contribute to a racist cultural attitude vis-a-vis the "East."That said, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope were hilarious, and in spite of the film's problems from an academic standpoint, the film is nevertheless marvelously entertaining. Of all the Golden Age singing stars, I think Crosby is my favorite. His voice is so free and easy; it looks like anyone could sing like him, but of course no one can.The self-referential jokes are great, and Crosby and Hope have an excellent chemistry.Overall, the film gets a one-star penalty for racism, but it's still remarkably entertaining.

Grant T (us) wrote: An absolutely captivating masterpiece from the mind of Stanley Kubrick, that seems to imagine the unimaginable. What an interesting study on the human psyche and how desires are sometimes so hard to resist. This is a film that utilizes mood rather than an extreme amount of substance that will keep your eyes glued to the screen from start to finish. Amazing!

Clifford C (gb) wrote: Self-indulgent, narcissistic steaming pile of dung. RZA fancies himself an actor and director. He is neither. This is a case of someone with more money than talent believing that this money qualifies him to direct and start in a movie.

Ross P (nl) wrote: There's something about the paranoia of seventies films that I absolutely love - and I'm always down for a good conspiracy discussion. Also, some of the scenes in this movie are total camp, but I adore total camp. Embrace those 'fros and sideburns... A great view, in my book. Classic O.J. and Waterston, too.

Jaime R (de) wrote: "Rio Bravo" might just as well be director Howard Hawks giving us his finest western since "Red River."