Touchy Feely

Touchy Feely

Abby is a sought after massage therapist and a free spirit, while her brother Paul thrives on routine, running a failing dental practice with his assistant and daughter Jenny. Suddenly, Abby develops an aversion to bodily contact, which not only makes her unable to do her job, but also severely affects her relationship with her boyfriend. As Abby navigates her way through an identity crisis, her brother's dental practice receives new life when clients seek out his “healing touch.”

Abby is a massage therapist who suddenly grow her disgust for bodily contact. The odd event causes Abby lost in her own career and love life. Meanwhile, her brother Paul develops healing ability just by touching... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan J (au) wrote: What a whimsical and astonishing movie another hit from Tim burton perfect story line and put into such an amazing world loved it

Eric P (ag) wrote: Mike Myers shows he can direct in this doc

Julian T (us) wrote: "Whats that 'Children of the Dead' and 'C.H.U.D 2'??? There's an even worse zombie movie out there than you guys?? I don't believe you." Unfortunately, it is regrettably so. 'Automaton Transfusion' has wrestled the 'Worst Zombie Movie Ever' title away from those two longstanding recipients.I honestly don't even know where to begin. Some of the worst acting, dialogue, music, story composition, filming, editing, and direction that I can ever recall seeing. Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that all the actors had down-syndrome, the director had epilepsy. I'm also pretty sure the script was written by a broken down Buick and it was filmed with a cell phone camera. The only, and I mean ONLY reason it gets 1 star is that it has a couple of decent makeup applications. Even those are nothing better than mediocre though, and there is so much unnecessary gore that even the moments that don't totally suck are trampled underfoot. Usually when there is nonstop carnage, it is at least entertaining. This is an exception, as even though this movie sacrifices everything for action and gore, it is still sleep inducing.A horrific and face palm worthy ending is the cherry on top. Steven C. Miller, I want to punch you in your untalented and no doubt bulbous stomach. How on earth could anyone f*ck up a zombie film so bad....

Jeremiah T (ru) wrote: here's the throwdown to all the whiners out there. man up and make a cabin, fish, and crank up the 16mm bolex to film it all while you live in the alaskan wilderness for 35 years.

Diana S (es) wrote: watched this in class.liked a few scenes in the movie, but that's really it.

Michael T (br) wrote: Casual, pleasant, soothing.

Alex M (it) wrote: Ive read the book. Brilliant book, it is. (James Pattersonnnnn) Read some of these reviews and Im kinda disappointed.....Maybe Ill enjoy the movie???

Juan Diego L (mx) wrote: Bruce Willis y Samuel L. Jackson tienen una excelente qumica, son muy chistosos, me re mucho, muy divertida y la accin tambi (C)n muy bien hecha.

Lisa C (br) wrote: As powerful a story and as heartbreaking a performance by the incomparable Gary Oldman. This is proof as to why Beethoven was and is the greatest Romantic composer.

Mark B (it) wrote: much like taking care of business which also stars belushi . mr destiny is fish out of water story.. ive been a fan of this film since it came out and its always been a feel good movie for me , so my rating is biased ..

Larry Y (kr) wrote: Inferior remake of OUT OF THE PAST. Rachel Ward is no Jane Greer.

Carl N (nl) wrote: I am a big Jess Franco fan so I was very interested to view his take on the slasher genre. I must say I was not disappointed. This film does not feature the usual franco sleaze, but he makes up for that by some gruesome brutal and graphic gore. The stand out being the saw mill scene. The acting is usual euro horror standard. The one stand out is Olivia Pascal, who gives a good turn as the heroine. But thats only if you can get past the comical dubbing of her voice.

Todd J (ru) wrote: Nick's Movie or Lightning Over Water: It seems completely odd to me that this is considered a documentary by so many. Hell, even otherwise cynical bastards call this a docudrama. Can none of you dumbasses see that there's absolutely positively nothing in this film that could ever ever in any planet in any solar system be considered even remotely documentary-like? Seriously, no one seems to really get what Wenders tries to get at here. He stages just as many moments designed to make you say, "Screw this noise, it ain't a documentary" as he does in a documentary style. He uses this staged documentary style in order to question the ethics and authenticity of cinema. The remarkable thing is that Wenders poses the questions to himself! For those unfamiliar with the film, the story follows Wenders supposedly documenting a trip to New York to pay a last visit to his dying friend, Nicolas Ray. The movie is told like a documentary with Wenders placing a voiceover documenting the narrative over varying sections of 16 and 8mm film and video camcorder footage. However, although the style seems to present a true image, Wenders goes out of his way time and time again to point out that the scenes in the film are a result of a process, even going so far as to ask Ray to read a line back to him. Like most other presumptions you get from the film, your assumed trust of the story ends up being decapitated by Wenders who teaches you a lesson while simultaneously mocking your lame intuitions. The film's ethical discussion makes this often disorienting and somewhat unorganized style worth enduring. In one scene, while Wenders and Ray talk in a hospital, Wenders tells Ray that if he starts to find himself aroused by Ray's visible terminal state, he'll have to stop the filming. By stating this, Wenders deflects a lot of criticism (which usually still bombards serious discussions of the film). But despite all of this outlandish direction by Wenders, it's credited as being directed by Wim Wenders AND Nicolas Ray. The film's general plot has a large portion dedicated to Ray's tragically deluded notions about directing one last film before dying. Something tells me that Wenders' travelogue exists more because of Ray's desire than anything, his hope to reestablish himself as a viable artist being a driving force more important and ultimately, more touching and successful, than the promise of a voyeuristic fulfillment. And by granting a classic director's last wish, this film deserves much more depth and appreciation in its criticism than it usually receives with the Oedipal studies and the articles calling this experiment "cinematic snuff." But after all, Wenders gets the last laugh, managing to fool his critics by placing seeming manipulation in the most critical parts of normal films (see the ending, you'll get it). **** out've *****

Greg N (ru) wrote: not as good as Chabrol's Le Boucher but still more than worth the time. Plus it has an awesome opening line

Jarret S (ca) wrote: Fuck Elvis and his stupid hair and his stupid fried pickles and banana sandwiches.

Mark R (ru) wrote: Cute. Racist, but cute.

David L (br) wrote: Ok, as if it wasn't weird enough before, well now it's getting weirder but also a bit silly. Again picking up vaguely where the first sequel left us, we now watch as a perverted slime-ball nightclub owner purchases the freaky column that houses all the souls of those that have fallen victim to the box. Of course it's only a matter of time before those trapped inside are freed having feasted on more human flesh. Having previously criticised the series for not devoting enough screen time to Pinhead and his cenobites, this instalment is focused entirely on him, in his human state, and his tortured form. Alas, his mates aren't with him this time though. In my opinion, it does kind of lose its way a bit more in this one given that the new breed of cenobites are allowed to roam free in the nightclub, streets and churches destroying anything in their path. It's lost that focus upon its central characters, as well as that S&M feel to it when everything was set within the dungeon like torture room, and it's become more of a trashy zombie flick. When you have baddies called CD head who fire compact discs to kill people, you know the concept is struggling for ideas. The previous lead has deserted the cast in this one so we have a new journalist as the heroine, but although there are still some connections to the originals, all ties are now pretty much severed (as well as a few more limbs). What I hadn't realised, until just now, is that there are in fact several more sequels, none of which I suspect will surpass Hellraiser 1 or 2. I'm guessing they're just another excuse for random gore effects and soft porn as opposed to the unique horror story classics that the early chapters have become.

Anthony D (es) wrote: Thornton and Heder, excellent comedy duo