Tough As They Come

Tough As They Come

The 'Little Tough Guys' are working as collectors for a finance company, when they discover the company's illegal activities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tough As They Come torrent reviews

Hardy H (br) wrote: to quote a critic, this film is like a korean Apocalypto. stick to the golden rule of "keep it simple, stupid!"The CGI tiger is terrible though, tv quality....

Jolene T (es) wrote: MAGIC~~~ it's just an illusion. a pretty comical show i would say! :)

Cameron T (ru) wrote: My only ever hearing of this was an ad on the side of a bus. I never saw any trailers or other promotions for this movie. So hence, i don't know anyone who's actually seen this movie.

Amanda B (br) wrote: it sounds awesome and as I'm a drama queen has anyone seen it I'm 12 an will it be suitable for me thanks

Justin C (jp) wrote: I thought this movie was hilarious. Very underrated. I believe not enough people have seen this movie. It certainly is in a category of it's own or at the most a very few.

Mary G (de) wrote: The plot is not very interesting, I think it's only worth watching if you like Rupert Grint or any of the other actors in the movie.

Giovanni M (kr) wrote: This movie should have been great. It should have been smart, sarcastic, and hilarious... only it wasn't. Every problem I had with Ghost World is magnified in Art School Confidential with only some of the positives. Yes, the movie is funny at times but a majority of it relies on the art school stereotypes we'd expect. Jerome is not a likable character at all. he's a self-centered dick. The murder plot is completely unnecessary and is only in to make the film over 80 minutes. I'm not a Terry Zwigoff fan but I know for a fact that he's knows how much he fucked up a movie that should have been a bullseye.

Mon K (mx) wrote: Not the best animation but the story is presented well!

Charlotte P (es) wrote: Funny and touching movie, albeit somewhat slight, about the threat to two young boys' friendship posed by an apparently harmless older man, played by Paddy Considine in another completely committed performance.

Quaneisha W (us) wrote: I did a report on this film in my black film class

Serge B (us) wrote: Mixture of humour, melodrama and nostalgia. Animated directing.

Kevin C (jp) wrote: Movie night with Iris.Classic Saturday afternoon B&W fare. Hayley Mills on tomboy form with Horst (Magnificent Seven) Buchholz.

Karina H (ca) wrote: very weak movie, both weak performance and story, the plot was so slow..