Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap

A group of French tourist's dream trip to Los Angeles turns into a nightmare when their Parisian tour guide goes bankrupt and abandons them.

A group of French tourist's dream trip to Los Angeles turns into a nightmare when their Parisian tour guide goes bankrupt and abandons them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney K (it) wrote: i think Christina Ricci did a fantastic job as the role of Lizzie Borden. she's so creepy. i think they did a nice job with the movie.

Jim D (jp) wrote: A very well made Documentary Series that provides a thorough portrait of the City of New York. Recommended

Jordan R (nl) wrote: Translation wasn't great, but it was still all right. Kind of like an existentialist "Rocky". Jacky Wu Jing stars as Kong, a quiet kid on the Chinese national kung fu team. He seems to own the role pretty well, playing a gentle person who happens to possess extraordinarily dangerous abilities. His kindness and noble qualities make him almost too much of an old school hero, but he somehow makes it work (it might be that smile). Some serious martial arts are on display as well, with our hero dishing out some lightning-fast acrobatic beatdowns. He's been compared to Tony Jaa, but I don't think he's there yet.The love story is more believable on its visuals then its dialogue. The Captain is a funny, if bizarre, character. Tin's post-mortem tears and the strange starscape-on-a-hill scene are odd.The ending is a major downer, but it suits the film's bleak tone. Not awesome, but worth a watch if you like the genre.

Ocram I (it) wrote: 67%Had they picked another actor for the role, I would have found this decent at best.

Carolyn G (nl) wrote: An overlooked gem! (back when DH's James Denton was "Jamie"...)

Justin G (ru) wrote: classic mediocre movie

Charles P (br) wrote: This Exorcist spoof strains for an almost Naked Gun-like comedy status with its Leslie Nielsen cred, trying and failing to be funny.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: In the future, Earth will be plagued by giant cylinders that are obsessed with humpback whales...

Spencer H (mx) wrote: One of the best war films ever, Apocalypse Now is an amazing film that takes time to develop it's characters and it takes time to show you what real war is.

Joshua L (de) wrote: Cool story about coming of age and decisions. Also a good depiction of how neighborhood childhood friendships are valued in Korean culture.

Will D (fr) wrote: It's all about surface appearances and how they disguise the rotten underneath. Great acting and a believable bourgeoise household, definitely worth seeing.

Gary K (jp) wrote: Caught this on IFC. The only thing you really need to know about "Vice Squad" is that Fred Berry -- Rerun on "What's Happening!!" -- does a cameo as a pimp.Everything else about "Vice Squad" would seem almost routine by today's standards. For its time, the film stakes out some dark territory. For content, tone and topic, "Vice Squad" falls somewhere between Paul Schrader's "Hardcore" (1979) and "To Live and Die in LA" (1985). Although not as polished as those films, director Sherman delivers a solid crime drama. Clearly influenced by Scorsese's "Taxi Driver," he manages a movie more on par with Eastwood's "Tightrope" (1984).Stars Hubley and Hauser are better than would be expected. Hubley was primarily known for TV roles. Hauser would debut with a type of manic, predatory character that he would revisit as a guest villain on shows like "The A-Team" and "Hunter" and direct-to-video thrillers in the 1990s.

Rendan L (nl) wrote: A Most Wanted Man is undeniably original and set atop fine performances but it's brutally slow and murky story is sometimes difficult to sit through. Grade: C+

Bradley N (mx) wrote: It's a guilty pleasure okay, stop Judging me.

David M (br) wrote: Pierce Brosnan's last film from the 90s Bond era that will forever be James Bond for me. This movie won't go down in 007 history as anything spectacular and it takes a while for the ball to start rolling, but once it does it has some impressive action scenes. It has everything you'd expect from a blockbuster action Bond movie - amazing locations, cringe worthy lines, the latest tech (for that era anyway) - but for all its over-the-top-ness, it's quite lifeless.

Rainer K (es) wrote: For a feature film debut, House of Sand and Fog takes a lot of chances. First-time director Vadim Perelman didn't play it safe at all.I especially liked the subtle parallels between Behrani and Kathy, that they're both excluded members of society and need the house as an anchor for their lives.The house plays a huge role, and Perelman uses it almost as an actual character. Minor films would make a MacGuffin out of it, but Perelman knows how to breath life into it.Of course, the film only does so well because of the neat performances. Especially Ben Kingsley is awesome (when isn't he?) as a former Iranian general who fled the country after the Ayatollah took over.But the whole cast fills out their characters with enough life to make them believable. The only odd one was Lester. He's responsible for most of the ludicrous/unrealistic moments in the film, which hurt it a little. Whenever it gets overly melodramatic, it's because of Lester.Even Lester though, is a great character, compared to what we get to see in minor films. They're all good people in my eyes, even him.Some are better than others but they all have their flaws, like in real life. This is the fine twist of the movie. With whom you're gonna sympathize decides the kind of movie you're watching and there are probably a dozen of variations depending on your sympathies. This is also why I think that Lester's character ruins it a bit with his turn at the end of the film.Nice film, something I imagine watching on TV on a sunday afternoon, on a not too trashy program.

Connor M (jp) wrote: Magnificent special effects and full of blood and guts, Starship Troopers is an instant cult classic.