Touristes? Oh yes!

Touristes? Oh yes!


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Touristes? Oh yes! torrent reviews

Stefano C (it) wrote: Davvero caruccio questo mediometraggio del delirante autore di "Uzumaki"! L'idea interessante ed molto ben sviluppata, nonostante il budget ridicolo, di cui il "mostro" un degno rappresentante. Finale riuscito, un buon recupero...

Inta K (br) wrote: fantastic movie!!!!!!!

Haydn W (es) wrote: Pure, unadulterated slash trash, with good Ed French gore fx.

Sean D (it) wrote: A fairly piss poor slasher with good acting but a terribly boring and slightly drawn out plot.

Amanda M (nl) wrote: I really didn't think this movie was as bad as everyone says it is. Yes, the plot is a little strange because it's such a highly condensed adaptation but Miriam Hopkins is great as Becky and I generally enjoyed it. And the color - oh the color. A restored print is the only way to see it.

F B (br) wrote: Crappy acting and for 1h35m it seemed incredibly long. There were some good scenes but overall I think I would put this down as a bit of a naff film.