Toute la mémoire du monde

Toute la mémoire du monde

This documentary explores the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, its priceless treasures and how humanity remembers itself.

This documentary explores the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, its priceless treasures and how humanity remembers itself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (ru) wrote: Really good movie. Not a typical feel good movie. Probably getting the book it is based on. Must see.

Jason C (ca) wrote: Kevin Costner is just as (im)plausible a weather-beaten killer as Liam Neeson but whatever sprinkling of magic Taken had, this is missing it. Still passable and entertaining but one has to wonder that studios do not line Luc Besson up with people that can actually write a screenplay without massive holes in it.

Matthew L (kr) wrote: I fairly routine adaptation of Doyle's work from Irwin Allen, quaint by todays standards, particularly the 'dinosaurs' that are either iguana's or crocodiles/alligators with fins etc... stuck across theirs backs. Sadly forgettable within minutes of the films conclusion.

Leigh Anne S (nl) wrote: Oh how I love fire...LOL

Jared R (au) wrote: This is a fun popcorn flick with a good amount of humor and heart.

Danie L (it) wrote: Interesting film. 3 vingettes with barely any dialogue. Liked it but not sure if I loved it. I'd need to see it again.

w m l (ca) wrote: A good film which built a lot of tension - unfortunately the ending didn't deliver on the early promise.

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Claudette A (kr) wrote: A classic psycho movie of the 90's. It's a classic as there has been no other film of the same storyline. Julianne Moore looks very different from 30 years ago with all the plastic surgery she's had.

Kevin R (nl) wrote: Love enters through the eyes The year is 1938, the city if Albany, New York, and the United States is in the middle of a depression. Francis Phelan is a former professional baseball player whose life was destroyed after he accidentally killed his son. Francis became an alcoholic shortly after the accident and now lives as a bum on the streets looking for work by any means necessary. Francis has decided to stop drinking and quickly sees his life begin turning for the better. Can Francis regroup with members of his old family and live a normal life or will he revert back to his old lifestyle once things get turned around? ?I took a certain amount of liberties with the commandments.? Hector Babenco, director of Pixote, The Past, and Foolish Heart, delivers Ironweed. The storyline for this picture is outstanding and well delivered. The primary plot is unpredictable and the settings are presented well and set the mood of the film perfectly. The characters are fascinating and well presented. The cast delivered wonderful performances and includes Jack Nicholson, Meryl Street, Carroll Baker, Michael O?Keefe, and Diane Venora. ?He?s a gambler?not a very good one.? I am on a mission to see as many Jack Nicholson pictures as possible. This film is very underrated and I adored the premise and ultimate conclusion of this picture. I loved watching Nicholson battling with his inner demons as it was obvious that while the main character was a great guy, he could not get past his weaknesses in order to live a successful life; often, at no fault of his own. I felt Nicholson did a great job of depicting that the main character wasn?t a bad man just because he made some wrong decisions in life. Overall, I felt this was a triumphant picture that seems to be rated lower on RT than it deserves. ?You bought me a grave after I ran off?? ?You?re part of the family.? Grade: A-

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Kimberly W (ru) wrote: Similar storyline to "Fool's Gold" but I actually liked "Fool's Gold" better

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Steve D (ca) wrote: not a laugh to be had and the actors seem to be going through the motions. No one seemed interested in the film they were making so why should I be?