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Kurtiss K (de) wrote: It's a little "made for TV", but "To Be Takei" still does a great job of exploring the history and impact of its star.

Michael H (us) wrote: This is a great movie that will engage you from the first scene to the last, fab music too. The plot is clever without being up its own arse. Surely this will attain classic status over the years? Great performances from Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Tom Waits particularly. Highly recommended.

Catherine V (br) wrote: The potential was there but this movies fails deliver. The humor fell flat and the lead character Ben wasn't likeable, he felt like a try hard version of Hugh grant. Unengaging dross.

Brent S (jp) wrote: It looks interesting.

Barry H (nl) wrote: Better than the first I would say and definately worth a watch for the fight sequences

Cyril R (us) wrote: Sylvie Testud est trs convaincante. Esprons un Csar...

Lewis E (fr) wrote: Not sure if the problem lies with the source material not being great to begin with or if the movie fails to properly bring it to life. Either way, I just wasn't interested.

Eirin H (fr) wrote: David Suchet is brilliant..

Jeremiah Y (de) wrote: 'Alien' is a master work of science fiction horror, properly setting up the suspenseful tone with incredible production design, long tracking shots, and an eerie sense of realism, despite its intentionally slow pace.

Petros T (de) wrote: You can ask the reason why ants are coming out of the man's hands. Or why there's a dead horse on the piano. You could basically question almost everything in this film. But the answer - if there is one - doesn't really matter. Buuel and Dal offer us a series of dream-like sequences that really stick to the mind for being quite far out. The film's obvious experimental nature might deprive it of greatness but the unorthodox ideas and the irregular way they're put together are quite inspiring.

Brandon V (ru) wrote: This is my favorite Kevin Smith movie starring Tracy Morgan.