Tower House

Tower House

Mystery surrounds the ruins of an old tower house, where at select nights, a woman comes out wailing a song, amidst people committing suicide by throwing themselves off the tower. The ...

Mystery surrounds the ruins of an old tower house, where at select nights, a woman comes out wailing a song, amidst people committing suicide by throwing themselves off the tower. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary G (br) wrote: The time it took for me to watch this is time I will never get back! Worst fucking excuse for a movie.

drshaiko d (de) wrote: dis made me luv indi mvs 4eva(sniff sniff)

Alex H (nl) wrote: It's a cool film for the Halloween season, but its tone is all over the place. I'm not even sure if it wanted to be a quirky family horror movie about a con man with wacky ghost friends, or a dark murder mystery comedy aimed at adults. It feels like two potentially great movies ran head-on and became an alright movie in the process.

Thomas H (au) wrote: An engaging drama with strong performances and some genuinely great moments.

Bill G (nl) wrote: This movie shoulda been titled "Kindergarten Crap." Jesus Christ, the last time I saw anything so rancid, someone had left a pound of bleu cheese on the asphalt in a parking lot in Death Valley. F*ck me, what were they thinking? "Citizen Kane" this ain't. Dig this: A cop has to go undercover to catch a drug dealer. Fair enough. A cop has to go undercover AS A KINDERGARTEN TEACHER to catch a drug dealer. Ummm, don't think so. Oh, and the "undercover" cop is a 6-foot 3-inch 260-pound bodybuilder who can't speak English and whose biceps are larger than Dom DeLuise's thighs? I'm used to suspending my disbelief for sci-fi/fantasy movies, for example. But this hunk a sh*t is ridiculous. Where are the studio execs who greenlit this pitch? They'd probably greenlight John Goodman to star in "The Kate Moss Story." And think of the children! My god, what the filmmakers put all these 5-year-old kids through for a couple of months, no doubt as joyful an experience as the Bataan Death March. All in all, I give this movie a half-star, for the producers who somehow convinced the inimitable yet oft misunderstood Oscar winner Linda Hunt to appear in this crime against nature. If your choice is watching this movie or watching New Jersey Governor Chris Christie take a sh*t, go with Christie. Fewer lasting psychosis-inducing mental images.

Jens T (kr) wrote: The Yugoslav director Dusan Makavejev, were known for his controversial films about sex. Montenegro is his most bizarre creation. It's the story about the American housewife, Marilyn (Susan Anspach) who lives in Sweden with her much older husband, Martin (Erland Josephson). Their marriage is not a stable one. Marilyn is a bored housewife, with little excitement during her days. She's so bored that she tries to poison the dog, and even sets fire to the bed. One day when Marilyn and Martin are at the airport, Marilyn gets stopped by the airport security, which makes her loose her flight. She's then picked up by a group of gypsies, who takes her to a strip joint outside of town. Marilyn is enchanted by this new experience. While her husband looks everywhere for her.Montenegro has all the reasons to be called controversial. And I'm sorry to say this, but I am actually one of those that are deeply offended by this film. It's so racist. All the gypsies are so stereotypical, like the young immigrant girl Marilyn meets at the airport, who literary says "I love to fuck foreigners". Doesn't she have a back story that can justify her being a hooker? Doesn't she have a family to support? The same can be said about Marilyn. There's no reason for her to act the way she does? And I don't believe that it's just because of boredom. Her husband didn't seemed that bad. I want to relate to her. But she's too crazy. And the ending is just too gruesome.It's very hard for me to judge the movie otherwise. Well it is very sensual indeed, and I like that. And there's some great performances. Although I wish they could have spoken Swedish instead of English. For me it's not the same without an Erland Josephson delivering his stagecraft in Swedish. The same with Per Oscarsson, another great Swedish actor. Overall, I thought the extremely polarizing and racist stereotypes was too much for me to really appreciate the movie. Thumbs down.

Will T (ag) wrote: Just watch the remake.

Joel M (gb) wrote: Sencillamente el film mas polmico de los aos 80' y una de las peliculas mas crudas de todos los tiempos, siendo prohibida en numerosos pases, incluyendo Italia, Australia y el Reino Unido. Adems de las escenas gore, la pelcula contiene escenas de violencia sexual y crueldad hacia los animales, al director se le impuso una fuerte multa y adems se le oblig demostrar que los actores vivan y no estaban en presencia de un film Snuff.Con esa carta de presentacin no veras el film? la pelcula trata sobre 4 jvenes desaparecidos en la selva del Amazonas que se encontraban grabando un documental llamado "Infierno Verde" sobre las tribus que all habitaban sobretodo las canibales, Un antroplogo llamado Harold Monroe viaja a la jungla para investigar qu les ocurri y al recuperar las cintas y material grabado por los excursionistas, viviremos en primera fila y casi que en primera persona quienes son en realidad los verdaderos salvajes en esta trama.De principio a fin es una pelicula que te mantendr pegado a tu asiento y que al final te dejar una fuerte reflexin sobre la mal llamada sociedad en que vivimos y hasta donde puede llegar la ambicin y barbarie humana cuando esta es provocada hasta sus mximas consecuencias.

Amy C (au) wrote: If you like nontraditional romcoms you will like this. I am not a woman that likes the typical chick flicks. They bore me. This is an awesome movie, I've happily watched it eleven times, and probably will watch it more. It isn't typical. It's cute, and it makes you happy while you watch it.

Alexa C (fr) wrote: I can't wait to see this movie.~~~~

Isaac R (de) wrote: It is good and scary