A little girl named Toya comes to Norway as a refugee and gets adopted by a family in Stavanger. A misunderstanding makes Toya suspected of stealing from her new family. Toya runs away from home.

A little girl named Toya, are an orphan after an escape from her homecountry. She comes to Norway as a refugee and are being adopted by a family in Stavanger. She is taken good care of, and she is getting many new friends. But a misunderstanding make Toya suspected for stealing from her adoptive family. Toya runs away from home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aimee R (ca) wrote: So beautiful. Subtle and moving.

Krys L (ca) wrote: Gurinder Chadha is a genius visionary of all time...

Luke N (jp) wrote: Definitely not my cup of tea. But then, neither is 'The Sound Of Music, 'Carousel', or such modern musicals as 'Mama Mia'. I knew I would not like this film going in, but I was still interested in seeing it. And it's not a bad movie in the slightest. It has some fantastic set-designs and real location settings; the character-based humour is actually quite modern and easy to laugh with; the quality of the sound recording sometimes seems a little off, and Mitzi Gaynor's dancing skills are questionable, and Rosanno Brazzi's operatic voice completely jars with his female counterpart. But there are some quality songs that I hadn't heard before and am still trying to get out of my head. 'South Pacific' is as cheesy as musicals can get. But word has it that people love these classic musicals for that very reason.

Ivan M (nl) wrote: This and Divorzio all'Italiana are 2 of my favourite comedies!

Aaron R (jp) wrote: "It's better to be dead and cool, than alive and uncool."

Keith E (it) wrote: Still one of the best docs ever.

Greg W (it) wrote: Fascinating Dionysian parable about the sadness that ultimately results from the pursuit of hedonism. Daryl or Valerie? Valerie.