The Hero of the Soviet Union becomes a GULAG prisoner and then an Indian Chief.

The Hero of the Soviet Union becomes a GULAG prisoner and then an Indian Chief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe B (gb) wrote: BOORING. The most boring movie I have ever seen. I do not write reviews, but had to to warn everyone about this movie. Don't waste your time.

Hecate K (jp) wrote: This movie has to be the worst movie i have ever seen in my life. I can't think of a worse movie. I can believe it got some good ratings because im sure mentally retarded people found it amusing because they don't know what quality entertainment is. Now don't get me wrong when i saw the trailer for this movie i was STOKED, it had a beautiful premise. What ruined it? Shit choice of actors (why does the detective look like a hick meth addict???), shit dialogue and general script, and mediocre acting. I've seen better acting from elementary school thanksgiving plays. The movie tries to get you to some sort of climax and leaves you high and fucking dry. You are left with a "Hey i built this fucking hell house so i can see my family again!" But why did you need to kill so many people to build a hell house when the forest was littered with mini scenes that suggests you can have stand alone rooms without them needing to be connected with the darker version of the kids movie monster house??? And exactly why was he in hell? He was a swindler and thats all the info we get? How did he get out of hell? Is he still human? What happened there? And he kept talking about making a tear in the human world and where the climax on that? Theres literally no finishing point on that. What happens in the human world after? What happens after he steps through the door? Why the fuck did The old hag from insidious kill her kids? What did the villagers gain??? This movie is full of more holes than swiss cheese??????

Jeff B (ru) wrote: Best Western I've seen in a long time. I'm surprised it didn't get much theater play.

Brianmallgravehotmailcom B (nl) wrote: very strange, a little disturbing and shocking - but I kinda liked it a lot.

Dave I (ca) wrote: this looks pretty retarded, but i'll watch it anyway

Alexander M (au) wrote: If there every was a time when I said "There's 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back" it was after watching Naked Boys Singing. The description here says that it was nominated for Best Musical by a couple of places I had never heard of, but it is quite obvious where the reviewers' minds were. They certainly were not paying attention to the music (it was ok), dancing (white boys can't dance) and singing (dreadful!) It should be re-named Narcissism On Stage. The only reason these men were cast is their own need to show it all. Having been in vocal music since junior high, I know very well what NOT to do, and these guys did it all. Nearly all the songs dealt with nudity and what gay men like to do when they are naked (the list is quite limited). One song, "Muscle Audition", was an painfully poor stab at recreating The Village People's "YMCA" and "Macho Man". Other songs were full of double entendres, specifically to put the viewers' minds in the gutter. "Beat My Meat"? The butcher blocks, with mallets and stage prop steaks at the very end of the song were unbearable. One number over used the term "dick-tionary" and a good portion of it was a round of all the different synonyms for the word 'penis'. Very junior high level humor and not very funny. Bad singing. Paying money to see "Naked Boys Singing" on stage is a way for people who want to watch a strip show, but want to justify it by saying "It's art!"

Sarah C (au) wrote: I expected this to be funnier than it actually is ...

Claudette A (de) wrote: A love story, a story of hate and revenge with a tragic twist towards the end.

Justin (kr) wrote: More high-quality student film then indie-great. It has some really nice visionary things going for it and fine acting, but they get lost in a movie designed too much around a single plot device. Not bad by any means, but not great either.

Dave G (it) wrote: Want to see a *truly* scary movie for Halloween? Watch "Hell House."

Jacob D (ru) wrote: Stephen Fry was born to play Oscar Wilde. Good if not great film, with some solid supports and an interesting look at the moral compass of the time.

Rahul P (de) wrote: What's with Alain Delon and his unassailable self in all his films? In Le Cercle Rouge, a 1970s classic, Alain plays Corey, someone who served time in prison but isn't exactly seeking redemption at the end of it. He has a jewelry store in mind, diamonds and necklaces in several impregnable vaults in the store protected with laser rays, CC-TVs and security guards. Fate brings Corey, Vogel and Mattei together, who team up for this final heist which is shot in dead pan silence, in the final twenty minutes of the film. Vogel is a man on the run after he jumps locks and an astute police officer in a train. Mattei is a retired, pissed off cop.These men speak very little, smoke a lot, wear their fedoras and have very noisy pistols. There is some unsaid code of honor these men seem to guard, in spite of the several long takes of silences they seem to perform to. Maybe this is what the French New Wave actually represented. Suave, mysterious, hard boiled and brooding criminals who generally kept to themselves even in front of their women and died in the end making us wish we knew more about them. Le Cercle Rouge is a thriller which makes us worry about its characters as they meticulously plan and execute the daring robbery at the end of the film. This is, remember, without knowing much about any of them. One of them might even cut your throat when he meets you next. We never know but we still love and adore them. Is this reason enough to call Le Cercle Rouge, a good film, in spite of its snail's pace? Critics, I am told, call this 'deliberate pacing'. Rating : 3/5

Alailson B (ru) wrote: Polanski, em seu filme de estreia, j exibe a mesma segurana com que se consagrou ao longo da carreira. E o roteiro, dele prprio tambm, muito bem escrito e com bons dilogos.

Eliabeth B (ag) wrote: This is the worst movie I have ever watched. I am amazed that it got an 18% audience rating. We fast-forwarded by almost 70% of it in hopes that it would get any better, but we were sorely disappointed. Horrible acting, terrible screen writing, bad everything.