Traces, empreintes de femmes

Traces, empreintes de femmes

« Traces, women's imprints » is a film that ventures to the discovery of three grandmothers kassenas (Burkina Faso,) their granddaughter, and the exclusively feminine art of this region's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn T (gb) wrote: Wonderful dialogue. Great cast and genius use of score.

James H (ru) wrote: Over the hedge is a good animated film with mature themes like deforestation and friendship. The human characters are very funny and the animal characters, particularly Bruce Willis as RJ, are great. As it reminds me of my childhood I find it very nostalgic too.

Anna Q (nl) wrote: Hrm. This sounds interesting..

Christophe C (gb) wrote: UN SEUL DEVIENDRA INVINCIBLE en vf. Rien de plus qu'un (C)quivalent de DTV avec des stars venus cachetonner. Sans intert...

Haen M (de) wrote: Nick Park of "Wallace & Gromitt" fame produces a delightful gem of a film, using actual interviews of the British public paired to the antics of goofy animals. Interviews have never been this much fun!

Connor G (ag) wrote: Not too bad, likable characters and good action.

Steve S (nl) wrote: to me, i felt this was sam peckinpah's weakest work. it was slow, boring and plodding with no clear direction. every actor in it looked bored to be there, even with standouts like steve mcqueen and joe don baker. i just feel that this boring rodeo film never really gets going, and is more likely to pt someone to sleep than enthrall and entertain anyone.

Ian S (ag) wrote: Fantastic old school movie. Simple plot but full of action which keeps you watching right to the end.

Octavianti S (br) wrote: This is so good. The villains/heroes are so stupid and real that I can't bring myself to hate them. This movie left me with a feeling of pity for those almost-legit terrorists.

Steve D (gb) wrote: I have read 2 biographies of Chet and listened to his music for decades. Ultimately this film doesn't do justice to the subject matter. He came across as an unreliable junkie. Which is true of course. However, he was a really really terrible junkie who meted out appalling treatment to the women in his life, and many of the musicians with whom he played. This included violence, ripping off his musicians and getting his wife a jail term for carrying his drugs across across international borders. He could be amiable and great company. He was also a real nightmare for many of the people he was involved as his addiction spiralled out of control with and I do not think the film successfully got this across. With regards to the actual music, I don't recall him desperately seeking the approbation of Diz and Miles in his biographies but the film emphasised this several times. I also don't think the film succesfully portrayed his sublime brilliance and just how different his playing and singing was from everything else at the time. So for me, unfortunately, as a massive fan of jazz and Chet, the film was a major disappointment.