Track 29

Track 29

Years after a desperate teenage Linda gives up her baby for adoption, she finds herself face-to-face with Martin, a young man claiming to be her long-lost son. Linda embraces Martin and in him finds a welcome reprieve from her unhappy marriage to the neglectful Henry. But soon Martin grows violent and becomes obsessed with Henry -- a philandering man whose only offspring is an expansive model train set that devours his waking hours.

A doctor's wife tires of his obsession with model trains, and spends her days wondering about the son she gave up for adoption at birth. While eating at a roadside cafe, she encounters a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff W (it) wrote: great movie if you like horror and mystry suspence this is a must see film

Nicki M (ca) wrote: Switched it off after 20 minutes. Pretty dull viewing and not best cast either.

Pete S (es) wrote: This is laughably bad. You might find it entertaining if you like the macho meat head types, cheesy dialog, fake boobs and if you are a fan of Wrestling

Danish M (de) wrote: It waz good..too much blood though..=D

Victor M (us) wrote: An antihero that eats carrots (Clive Owen) a hooker with a heart of gold (Monica Bellucci) and a nerd villain (Paul Giamatti) in this hyperkinetic action film with some black humor where the not standard couple (Mr. Smith - DQ) became surrogate parents of Oliver, the baby who loves Heavy Metal music.

Kristin R (ag) wrote: Oh my lord. Boring and gross. Exploding people is never a pleasant notion. And why is it always mental wards? Are there not any sane ghosts anymore? An old cliche horror film whcih has absolutely nothing unique about it.

Guillermo V (ca) wrote: Che, que digo... la muerte che, la muerte! Si vos boludo no sabes ni michi de las revoluciones estudiantiles sudamericanas y lal represion de ultra-derecha por el Estado, pues MIRALA che, MIRALA! Triste, triste y real.

Linda P (us) wrote: Very cute. They did a good job finding people with similar voices to the ones from the original.