When a fugitive begins a romance with the woman hiding him from the law, it becomes uncertain whether he will ever escape the shadow of his heinous crimes--or the detectives hot on his trail.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:124 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Ovi G (us) wrote: This has got to be one of the best DC shorts i've seen. Every little bit screams and smells of Jonah Hex, that amazing western feel, the awesome dialogues, such a good character design and more depth than many other animated films out there and guess what, all for only 10 minutes. This short animated film has done the trick, it left me wanting to see more. Would be nice to see more and more of this guy, he seems so underrated. We might not get Thomas Jane as the Punisher anymore but at least he's Jonah Hex. Well done DC, amazing short film. Enjoy

Arslan K (es) wrote: I knew everything that was gonna happen. Super predictable!

Joshua Y (kr) wrote: Interesting idea and well done. I enjoyed this.

Sais K (de) wrote: A nice comedy movie. Nice job by Priyadarshan and all actors.

John B (nl) wrote: You almost want to characterize this as the live action version of Waltz With my opinion it is just as effective. A very appropriate picture given that another great troop withdrawal is soon upon us.

Scott M (au) wrote: This is another one of those family movies that, traditionally are released around the Christmas season. Kids will enjoy it. I left feeling that adults will find this film boring.

Adrien B (de) wrote: this movie has over the top action with awesome parkour stunt. people who want a short entertaining movie here is one to add on your list

Olga C (nl) wrote: though i enjoyed it a lot & mildly hit close to home, i think it could have been a lot more intense- plot, dialogue & character development.

Joshua L (au) wrote: a real entertaining dark comedy

Jon P (fr) wrote: Dennis Hopper's daring road movie is a New Hollywood landmark, characterised by cheery tunes and leery edits.Easy Rider is both a victory for American independent cinema and a countercultural commentary on the mindset of a misunderstood movement. Today, this meandering and moody film feels like a window into a lost-but-never forgotten world. Driven by awesome performances straddling an unforgettable soundtrack, if still makes for a good ride.

Andrew S (es) wrote: Enjoyable heist film, but not one of the better ones.

Mike M (nl) wrote: A lot of fun. Solid production. Critic reviews are unfairly rough. You can't even tell it's McGregor until you really look!

Plain C (jp) wrote: terrible but not bad

James H (ca) wrote: Sloppily made and produced, not very impressive period detail. It just seems like they threw a movie together just to showcase the two lead stars and didn?t much thought into it. Slow at times, it?s never very interesting. Occasionally it produces chuckles, but hardly often enough.