An ex-Boer war guerrilla in New Zealand is sent out to bring back a Maori accused of killing a British soldier. Gradually they grow to know and respect one another but a posse, led by the British Commanding officer is close behind and his sole intention is to see the Maori hang. Written by Filmfinders 1903. A guerilla fighter from the South African Boer war called Arjan (Winstone) takes on a manhunt for Maori seaman Kereama (Morrison), who is accused of murdering a British soldier. What follows is a cat and mouse pursuit through the varied landscape of NZ with both hunter and huntee testing their bushcraft and wits against that of the other. Written by Anonymous

An Afrikaner veteran of the Boer War has just immigrated to New Zealand and is hired to track a man accused of killing a soldier. While hunting through the countryside he captures his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff P (au) wrote: Shocking movie that is an embaressment to the other films in the frnachise bearing this name. The casting was bad (apart from Geri), but the story and filming let it all down.

Silvestre S (de) wrote: The Purge is enjoyable but really sadly it wastes its potential in the cheap way the story could have been told in with not concentrating enough on the purge but more on the typical home invasion clich and adding the purge as some lame background thing but anyways this movie could have been made in any way whether crime was legal for 12 hours or not

Sean D (ca) wrote: Brilliant story. Highly recommended

Robin L (mx) wrote: Family drama leavened by nostalgic observational humor. Lovely, restrained performances from Simon Yam and Sandra Ng.

Luistxo F (us) wrote: I thought it would be a good-savage ecological goodwill story... and it was, somehow, but it was certainly an interesting film, with fascinating actors.

Sarah C (ru) wrote: Didn't hold my attention at all and the stories were weak and confusing.

Autumn P (it) wrote: It was easier to understand than reading the actual play, but it is different. I obviously liked it better than the original movie.

Artit S (de) wrote: Dam Bai and Mahesuan are real persons in history of Thailand. They have become known for "robbing from the rich and giving to the poor" .Dam is highly skilled shooting. Now dam is a monk in bangkok.

Russ B (ag) wrote: 9/26/3015: I was pleasantly surprised by this film. A great cast with some good action. One thing didn't make sense though, unless I missed it. Why would someone move out of a house and leave millions of dollars in bonds in a safe?

Jess H (fr) wrote: In spite of the soap opera quality, it is a touching story (reminded me of La Tregua) and it has a very good screenplay. Acting is not that good on some characters but it may have been that they are theater actors...

Michael L (ag) wrote: I enjoyed this film. (apparently the only one) It is cartoonish and over the top, but that seemed to work for it. Emily Mortimer is outstanding and Rhys Ifans is a delight.

Samir S (de) wrote: Each frame of 2046 exudes doped enigmatic beauty. Melancholy personified.

J W (ag) wrote: A Cormac McCarthy novel. Excellent movie.

Ben L (es) wrote: I better keep this short. Boogie Nights is a movie that is not for me. This gave me the same feeling I get when I watch a gangster movie. What I mean is, about 30 minutes in I start to ask myself questions like "Am I supposed to care about these people??" "Why would I ever want to spend two and a half hours in their world??" Others can go ahead and enjoy it, I am not programmed right to find this entertaining.

Tim S (ca) wrote: Supercop (AKA Police Story 3) is one of Jackie Chan's most famous movies outside of Japan. His Police Story movies and many of his 90's movies were exported the US, overdubbed, and, in some cases, edited. Such is the case with Supercop, which edited out some footage before it was released here. The movie itself, as per usual with the Police Story series, is a great adventure movie. Great action, stunts and nice comedic moments make it a knockout. It's also nice to see him working with the beautiful Michelle Yeoh, who does some impressive stunts herself. The plot isn't complicated and not a lot of great acting is required, so you can turn your brain off and enjoy a solid adventure movie. Also, you are not required to have seen the previous Police Story movies in order to understand them. They're not that deep storywise.

Leon B (au) wrote: Although I am not really a big fan of movies about history, but this movie sort of spoke to me in a way that it would be a thriller I would like. It turned out it did turn out a movie that I would like. The other reason why I watched was because it had Johnny Depp starring in the lead role as Frederick Abberline. I thought he played the character well and filled in the gaps and gave the movie a good reason to see it. Definitely a thumbs up.

John M (fr) wrote: Why? That's all I'm saying. Why?