Trade In

Trade In

In the midst of economic hardship, two car dealerships are pitted against each other in a wacky sales contest to determine who gets to keep their doors open.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:contest,  

In the midst of economic hardship, two car dealerships are pitted against each other in a wacky sales contest to determine who gets to keep their doors open. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ang W (us) wrote: Warm hearted fun movie.

Nicholas W (br) wrote: Great movie about the challenges of trying to be a mom and a soldier at the same time.

Sabrina A (de) wrote: * ONLY for Ranbir (ok and the two songs:p)

Private U (kr) wrote: I enjoyed the movie. The ending was a bit unrealistic for me though. It's as if the director was trying to provide solace for those who like happy endings.

Sol C (kr) wrote: Michelle Monaghan's performance is the best reason to watch this film. She is amazing and it is one of her best performances that she has given so far. She should have gotten an Oscar nomination for it. The film kind of like reminded me of the film, Transamerica, especially about the mother/son bonding type of film.Monaghan had a good chemistry with Jimmy Bennett who played her son in the film. Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt, and Joey Lauren Adams provide solid supporting work. The only negative is that the pacing is off. However, cause of the acting being really good, I didn't mind the pacing being off like I normally would. I definitely recommend this film, especially to catch Monaghan's performance.

Kelly K (it) wrote: This was an amazing film. To be honest, I initially thought it was going to be about a promiscuous young woman trying to find her place in this world. But it was so much more than that to my surprise. The story of Jolene is about a girl living this life that is thrown at her and doing her best to live it right and be free most of all. I find that I relate to this film because even though I do not share in her experiences, I stumble through life trying to find my niche as well. I think we can all relate to Jolene in that sense and ultimately that is what makes the film so wonderful.

Jacob M (jp) wrote: Great cinematography won me over here, with enough intriguing story elements to provide for an entertaining film.

Daniel S (es) wrote: A highly conditional rating, here. Four stars is speaking from my standpoint as a lover of monster designs, costumes, makeup, scene design, and practical effects - all of which this movie puts on glorious parade. If you share a real fondness for those, this film is an absolute visual treat, packed to the gills with creativity like a morbid, bloody Jim Henson feature. On the other hand, the plot and characters are weak and cliche, and it's riddled with plot holes, bad exposition, and trite dialogue. If you're not likely to adore the visual elements like I did, you can probably shave two and a half stars off.

Alden S (ca) wrote: 9 out of 10:Despite slow moments, it has great chilling moments, great performance from the lead star, and a pretty sad story.

Ryan G (ag) wrote: A good film with great acting (especially from James Dean) and nice cinematography, "Giant" is a really enjoyable film worth watching.

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Gmd E (ca) wrote: I can see how this movie was revolutionary in visual style,but I never get why people are calling it the best movie of all time. It was good. Very very good. But best movie of all time? I just don't get it.

Yuri B (au) wrote: Drew Barrymore, David Keith, Martin Sheen... & the late great George C. Scott... when I saw this movie when I was pup... the only word that could describe this was epic... still feel that way to this day.

Catherine R (nl) wrote: It was okay, not the typical lycanthropic tale.

Jessica L (it) wrote: Definitely a tear-jerker. No one can not love Hachi.

DeJon D (ru) wrote: Hotel Transylvania will most likely win over children's attention and maybe even adults. Hotel Transylvania has good animation, good characters, and good humor.

Andy C (br) wrote: I'm giving this star for the funny 'Crystal Lake' scene involving two topless camp counselors, sleeping bags, and a single tree. The rest is the expected over-done turkey one comes to admire with an appalled fascination at this stage in movie- making history. There I said it.

Spencer B (us) wrote: Don't waste your time.

Sergiox V (br) wrote: Toda una obra maestra! Animacin espectacular, buena historia, buenos personajes, un Brainiac ms convincente, y buena adaptacin al comic! Simplemente me encanto! :3

Thomas P (fr) wrote: Meh. Meanders thru Italian American mob cliches with cartoon like characters, and uses the oversized emotions of a 50's musical. This was on tv, and I kept flipping channels to find something more interesting, but no luck.Honestly, with all the sneering and bigger than life mugging, these guys wore me out.I couldnt care less what happened to them.Late-nite re-runs were more interesting.Just sayin..