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Trade Off


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Shan M (kr) wrote: the story is paper thin! no nail biting sequence is a big disapointment for a movie with high expectation. background music is not impressive, overall not an entertainer unless you are a big fan of action sequence and that too here and there.

Brendon P (ru) wrote: Terrible movie. Horrible plot. Strange acting. Not scary. This film is a disgrace to horror films everywhere.

Ian C (fr) wrote: Si le ralisateur pensait vraiment avoir eu une enfance qu'il pensait intressante... Il est pas mal arrogant ! Film pas mal plate, qui a quelques moments, mais trs boring...

Kathryn R (ru) wrote: Not as compelling as "The Business of Being Born", but insightful, nonetheless. Interesting: an American couple from Washington state to have their baby in Victoria, BC, because it was less expensive to pay BC Medical Services Plan, than it was to pay their private insurance company in the U.S.

Julie G (jp) wrote: Fairly decent comedy on relationships, especially if the the computer animation was removed.

lynn j (gb) wrote: i don't really like cartoons

Damien W (ca) wrote: I don't know what these folk are talking about. Clifford is awesome. Anyone who thinks otherwise is completely overthinking the movie. It's an outstanding slice of Americana with some classic Martin Short charm thrown in. Just lose yourself in it - and if that doesn't work, get drunk.

Jey A (es) wrote: Monkeys know kung-fu? o_O"Dang, I wont mess with them... >_>"

Aidan W (fr) wrote: As good as any movie gets, in my opinion.