What if it made perfect sense for ordinary people to kill each other for money? Better than slow grinding financial ruin and misery, and all done according to a strict code by consenting adults. This is Trading.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2015
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Two strangers empty their banks accounts, sell their assets, and put their entire worth in cash into a green sports bag. Then they fight it out to the death with the winner walking away with all the money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Traders torrent reviews

Aaron G (gb) wrote: The flippant nature of this sub-par movie detracts from any suspense or storytelling it could have had. It's also an unfortunate reminder of what happens when special effects go wrong.

Wesley M (kr) wrote: While it never achieves anything above TV movie quality, there is a little extra heart that just barely justifies its existence. There is so less substance to this film than the light beers that the characters enjoy at a couple points, and its length is definitely padded with scenes that do nothing for characterization, advancing the plot, or anything, really. A few nice concepts that actually might have carried a film show up, but none are used as they should have been. You could describe the experience as a low-budget, redneck version of 'Bad Boys.' Toby Keith actually carries his role pretty well, which makes sense given that he wrote the script, and he isn't required to do much actual 'acting,' as his character rarely expresses any emotions other than 'mildly annoyed' or 'mildly bemused.' Ted Nugent is pretty fun to watch, although he has no dialogue and Rodney Carrington... well, he is decent comic relief but like a joke that goes on for too long you soon just want him to shut up. The film as a whole isn't that bad. Its easy to follow and is paced decently, it has all the right parts and even gets a decent buddy-cop vibe going for a while, then when the supposed 'action' starts, it really loses its footing. Perhaps this is because of the PG-13 rating, but everything lacks impact, and for a climax, it really could have done better. Actually, an 'R' rating might have given this film the bite it needed to stand out. That ship has sailed, though. All in all, there's nothing to recommend this movie unless you REALLY like the following:Toby KeithRedneck humor (stereotypes and all)Big TrucksIf you like all of three of those, then yes, you will probably enjoy this movie. If not, why the heck were you watching this movie in the first place?

Chris Z (gb) wrote: Damn you Michael....

Steve C (us) wrote: A slighty mental (and cute..why do those two go together so often?) woman working as a meat inspector has her life of random creepy love affairs shaken up as she is diagnosed with a brain tumour. She decides to indulge in everything she enjoys, while at the same time struggling to find religious help. As she starts scoffing down as much meat as possible and jumping on any guy she sees (including Chekov from Star Trek..told you shes mental), she contracts mad cow disease and descends into an insane personal world of mysterious kung-fu asassins and the claret really starts to spray... dont watch it if you like films that make sense, but I liked it, good pace, funny and original with a very varied and effective soundtrack.

peter h (au) wrote: Excellent film, although you would think this is for kids, it isnt.

Samuel B (jp) wrote: This movie was good, and different too. A romantic comedy about George, who is set (by his family) to be married to fellow Nigerian family friend but falls in love with a Spanish woman he randomly meets at the airport. Their lives seem to synchronize as George and his newfound French-pal (Girardot), make their way to George's looming wedding. and they get more than one chance at discovering their true feelings for each other despite the expectations of others. Check this one out, its a good laugh.

Johnny R (kr) wrote: this has horrible reviews but I thought it was decent

Cody L (jp) wrote: Fun anthology horror flick. John Ritter was great.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Never in my life have I witnessed such waste of celluloid. Ringmaster is one of the worst comedies ever made. This is the Passchendaele of comedy films. An utter piece of trash mixing every white trash stereotypes. This almost make Miss March a decent comedy (and it's the second worst film I have ever seen). The jokes are pointless and very lame. This is nauseating film with definitely no redeeming features to it. This film makes other bad comedies look great by comparison. I'd rather get by teeth yanked out with a pair of pliers next time than watch this shit film again. Avoid if you like good comedy, you won't find it here.

Kristina F (us) wrote: Donnie Wahlberg and good music

Dillon L (gb) wrote: I love this movie it's full of heart

Vitaliy S (de) wrote: Very good story... Reminds me why DO need to live now, not tomorrow!

Julien G (fr) wrote: La maladie du 21eme siecle.

Tori S (it) wrote: Different, but not much, than Niue Island methinks

Keiko A (au) wrote: Vivien Leigh is my favortie female actor easy and Gone with the Wind is one of my all time favorites. It's underrated and very overlooked. Brilliantly casted, well-shot, and beautifully written. It only falls short of being slow most times and the ending wasn't that good. Nice music and costumes and sets, Vivien Leigh is amazing as always!