Trading Places

Trading Places

A snobbish investor and a wily street con-artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.

Duke Brothers is rich and greedy makes a decision to wager a bet for born loser Valentine who could become as successful as the priggish Winthorpe. He has enough money to make that circumstance happen, however, Valentine teams up with Winthorpe to change what Winthorpe wants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Down F (fr) wrote: yeah straight gangz!! watched it on youtube 4 free

Rodney S (mx) wrote: Ok, now here's one of those After Dark movies, that I've read a lot of negative reviews especially at IMDB, and after seeing the movie, I don't know where they are coming from. Those reviewers seem to have missed the whole premise of the story, which is basically a new telling of the famous "Trilogy of Terror" African Zuni fetish doll, starring Karen Black. That is what this movie is about, the very same premise. A woman gets a box in the mail, and inside is a black demon mask, which was sent by mistake I assume, because it was supposed to be a fertility mask to help her husband get it up. When she puts it on, she believes herself to be possessed by a demon spirit that she keeps seeing, and she calls it the Nightmare Man. Now her husband is taking her to a clinic to help her get over her condition, and their car runs out of gas, and he takes off to find gas, but she starts seeing the Nightmare Man, and runs into the woods being chased and comes across a cottage where two sexy couples are having a party. Yep, this one has a generous amount of nudity, which is always good, but their party is interrupted by this crazy woman saying, this demon is trying to escape her body, but then again, it is also chasing her. The people are freaked out to say the least, but then all at once, this demon thing actually does attack and starts killing off the party people. BUT, is it really a demon, and what about the husband returning with the gas, he is on his way to the cottage, is he really the Nightmare Man trying to scare his Wife. Well, that's what you find out in this very entertaining horror film, that mixes a little slasher, a little possession, and a little monster madness. I read complaints about the acting, and that is just plain bogus. The performances are top rate all the way, I saw nothing to complain about at all. I really liked this one and glad I bought it, it delivers on the graphic blood and a little gore. And the direct comparison to the "Trilogy of Terror" episode is right on target. I listened to the very end of the commentary, and even they tell you that.

Arslan K (gb) wrote: The message was good and clear and makes you really think about who we argue and how people tend to change our minds.

Jamie S (ru) wrote: proper trash but thats what makes it good! although i was a bit of with my mum afterwards in case it really happened! lol

Lydia R (ru) wrote: This film started out well and I enjoyed it when viewing it as a play but it soon fell apart and became quite dull. There were some comedic scenes but the film was entirely too odd and left me uninterested.

JamesMasaki R (us) wrote: Vengeance runs deep, especially for the main character who is born in prison, and is on a long quest to killing the man who was responsible for her mother's death. Although it would've worked much better as a series of films or a television series (which would have had to do without the blood), leading up to a spectacular ending, it seems a bit rushed considering the years and years of training that Snowblood must've had. Regardless, it is a extremely fun blood soaked masterwork of 1970's Japanese cinema, which had considerably less story and a lot more T&A. Sorry folks, no T&A from Meiko Kaji....

Christopher B (de) wrote: Convoluted, esoteric fable - or perhaps a brilliantly insightful commentary on the human condition. Either way; there's above average cinematography and editing with leisurely pacing of the actors.

Robert A (it) wrote: best movie of all time