An intertwined drama about the United States' war on drugs, seen through the eyes of a once conservative judge, now newly-appointed drug czar, his crack-addicted daughter, two DEA agents, a jailed drug kingpin's wife, and a Mexican cop who begins to question his boss's motives

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Users reviews

Alan S (ru)

Dumb but kinda entertaining

Brandon S (jp)

But is it the worst movie ever as so many others seem to think? No way! This is a good movie, plain and simple. Is it even one of Shyamalan's best? Not in my opinion. Is it perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination. The fact is, this is a beautifully shot, solidly directed, well paced fantasy that challenges typical conventions of the genre. This movie is a tragic victim of classic studio mismarketing of a film that they don't understand. Simple as that. Shyamalan is a good director. That's what I see here. Shyamalan's films always have something to say, and the beauty of Shyamalan's direction is the way he communicates that purpose to the audience with love and passion for both his audience and for his work. Shyamalan is a filmmaker that never works to just collect a paycheck. This is a film that it's easy to pick on, because it's a film that it's very easy to misunderstand. This is a children's story told in an adult way. Make no mistake, this is not a thriller by any means. Night Shyamalan's darker thrillers. A fascinating fairy tale that suffered from a terrible marketing strategy that treated it like any other of M

Brody R (ag)

Completely blown away! Very violent and hard to watch for dog lovers, but this film is very powerful and touching

Chris D (it)

I really didn't care for the spaghetti-western theme or the disposable love story - I just wanted to see him fight the hell out of David Carradine already, c'mon. . . Around the 15 minute mark Chuck actually yawns on screen, I feel yah buddy

Courtney K (fr)

a few good jump scares in the beginning, but i didn't love the story. yeah; i didn't think this was that good

doris c (de)

. . . . love story. . great

Dove (au)

I want to watch this stupid movie with Dayne

Ian G (nl)

A good slice for what it is but too much of one thing and not enough for another. Even though it is a low budget picture, it is a little too slickly produced to quantify as a grindhouse and almost a little too serious to be totally fun, but some of the angles they were able to get with cheap cameras were pretty cool. Thats pretty much as deep as it goes and has attracted decent names in Ethan Hawke, Sleena Gomez and Jon Voight to fill out the cast. The Getaway has a beautiful looking Shelby and acts like a modern grindhouse car stunt picture that Michael Bay might have directed for Bruckheimer once upon a time focusing on a former stunt driver unwittingly drawn in with a criminal to create chaos on the streets of a seemingly fictional city in order for him to steal a series of drives that will allow him access to billions in barabonds

Keith P (ag)

. This movie is amazing

Nora M (de)

lovely and sentimental