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Trafficking torrent reviews

Ruthie R (kr) wrote: Some of these were sort of meh, but some of these like, "Sweets" were amaaaaazing.

JeanSebastienFhotmailcom J (ca) wrote: I have this interesting gay-filmdrama fromSouth America on DVD: wonderful.

Bryan I (fr) wrote: Beautiful, dark, modern, gothic re-imagining of the Peter Pan story, yet so true to the source material. Wonderful!

Luc L (us) wrote: A good credible romance story.

Elaine J (br) wrote: Rockers is a documentary turned full-length feature starring just about every International Reggae Star who was around in the 1970's; It's sad to think just how many of the people featured have suffered premature deaths. A pearl beyond price for the real reggae fan, 'Rockers' covers an astonishing amount of all that remains so vital about the 70s roots and culture scene. Don't expect much in the way of plot. Do expect the film to stop every 15 minutes or so for a musical number - that's its most appealing factor: the incessant, and downright catchy, continuous backbeat of some top class reggae, and a fascinating insight into Jamaican life too. Violence is confined to moments of righteous defiance, swearing sparingly employed only for comedy or emphasis, all convincingly acted by the close family of musical geniuses that peppered the island. With a magnificent soundtrack it provides a snapshot of where Jamaican music was heading before the plague of cocaine hit. A little rough around the edges, but anyone with a love of Reggae should watch this, so turn up the bass and enjoy. Utterly charming.

mike d (ca) wrote: a classic that every child with a pet will love,laugh,and cry!

Evan T (es) wrote: Insanely obsurd with tons of fun, far surpassing insanity ofMachete"

Jeffrey H (ru) wrote: Brilliant. If you are a Star Trek fan and haven't watched this yet then I both envy and pity you.Very enjoyable. Picard and Cromwell are fantastic. Enjoy the tech upgrades.

Daniela L (gb) wrote: I started off with high doses of skepticism, expecting the hollow melodrama that usually accompanies sports movies. "The Wrestler" proved to be gut wrenching and heart breaking, spiced up with a phenomenal acting performance by Mickey Rourke. The build up is remarkable, it gets darker and darker and, by the end, it goes to places you wish it hadn't. All in all, a worthy piece of cinematography.