Trail of Blood

Trail of Blood

Can a sinful man change and find peace? It's unlikely in gang-plagued Japan. Jokichi of Mikogami, a drifter (and hired sword), goes straight after protecting a woman in distress: they marry...

Can a sinful man change and find peace? It's unlikely in gang-plagued Japan. Jokichi of Mikogami, a drifter (and hired sword), goes straight after protecting a woman in distress: they marry... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oscar G (br) wrote: Esta pelcula es un referente del cine franc (C)s. La ganadora de la Palma de Oro en el 2008, "Entre les murs" es obligratoria.

Nick B (us) wrote: Excellent performance by Daniel D-Lewis. Left a little to be desired in pacing but overall excellent writing and dark atmosphere. Absolutely worth seeing.

Matthew G (au) wrote: one of the funniest films I have ever seen

Tim C (de) wrote: Good Journalism During War Movie

Christopher A (kr) wrote: This movie is just plain fun to watch. Jean Reno is so out of place and thats what makes this film entertaining. Think Leon The Professional in Japan carrying a Hand Cannon.

Corey W (de) wrote: This one bears the marks of a horror film trying to be more than what it is.

ScubaSteve Walter M (gb) wrote: Pauly Shore's best comedy

Luc L (ru) wrote: This sequel to the original "Stakeout" is still fun to watch and it is mostly for fans, who enjoys the first one. Although this one is less darker and lighter in tone. Since the original movie was R-Rated and the sequel is PG-13. But it doesn't mean, it is boring. When a hitman (Miguel Ferrer) makes a failed hit on a mafia witness (Cathy Moriaty), who was supposed to testify on a mob boss in Las Vegas. This witness might be hiding near the city of Seattle, which her friends (Farina and Strassman) are living there. Now two wise-cracking cops Chris (Dreyfuss) and Bill (Estevez) are assigned to staking out at the witness' friends if she is there. But they are forced to work with an distract attoney (O'Donnell) and her dog! Once they start doing their work, nothing goes as planned and while Chris is having a mid-crisis of his own. Since his long-time girlfriend (Stowe in a uncredited role) left him, since he can't commit to marriage. It was an box office disappointment, when it was first-released. The premise isn't bad. But the story turns into a mess towards the end, however. Still... amusing performances by Dreyfuss, Estevez and O'Donnell makes it fun to watch. Director Badham (Blue Thunder, Nick of Time, Wargames) returned to directed this sequel as well. Blu-ray transfer of this sequel is pretty good.

Lee H (ag) wrote: The later you watch this movie, the more you will laugh.

Shawn W (jp) wrote: can't watch this movie enough. The art of story telling to perfection.

Tommy H (br) wrote: It's like James Woods went out in the mood to party and ended up on the set of a horrifying political and social drama. He glides fluently through his scenes and the heart of his performance never skips a beat. He's always on and fascinating to watch. You can almost call Salvador a realistic comedy. People you see in comedy movies exist in real life, but just because you have a comedians personality doesn't mean the world will always smile back at you. His character maintains an up-lifting spirit through the whole movie, either by his entertaining, lightening-fast wit or the inspiring passion he puts into the more dramatic moments, and there are many. The contrast between the heartwarming and heartbreaking is a signature move by Oliver Stone. Jim Belushi's character was similar to Woods, without the dynamic personality. Those two together is sometimes like Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. The female journalist, I'm not sure what her name is, but she does a good job playing the strong, independent and heartless woman. I watched Deer Hunter a few days ago so it was nice to see John Savage without his brains hanging out. There are no bad performances. The movie itself is great. I don't mean to sound like a right-wing nut, but depending on who you get your news from many parallels can be drawn between events in the movie and events in present day America. Maybe not, but it's interesting to note. From the moment they arrive in El Salvatore there's a sense of unease and intimidation that carries through the whole movie. No matter if you love or hate Oliver Stone you at least have to admit his movies are thought-provoking.

Mia S (fr) wrote: A must see for anyone who takes themselves to be a serious film lover. Is it a bit heavy-handed re its political and moral pretensions? Yes. But it's so well done you won't care.

ANDERSON G (us) wrote: Citizen Kane is a film with epic characteristics, and was at least 30 years ahead of his time, let's start by spectacular Gregg Toland photography, which for me is one of the top 5 best film photography, all the camera angles, metaphors, editing, close-ups, the use of natural and artificial light, mounts scenarios are something inexplicable (Remember Kane's speech), J. Mankiewicz script is great, using flashbacks (something new in time) and the timeline in your favor, I really can not say if this film was the first film to use these narrative resources, I think not, but it sure was one of the first to use a magnificent way, the soundtrack it is accurate, and the performances are very good, especially the Orson Welles doing a magnificent job, as director and actor, worth a reference scenes "Post credit" which explains that all the actors are new, cool also speak the name the cinematographer Gregg Toland is credited alongside Orson, Citizen Kane marked the history of cinema as we know it, so you go to see the movie today will notice that most of the "things" are very common nowadays and did not understand why the film is so prestigious, but remember that citizen kane invented this pile of "things."

Markus M (mx) wrote: As if disease and sickness permeated the film itself, Brandon Cronenberg's directorial debut almost seems to radiate both off the screen and onto the viewer, making for an uncomfortably tense but powerful film, even if the cynic in me says that the film loses momentum around the halfway point before the end saves it, and that it could've tapped more into the satirical potential of its down-right brilliant concept with its themes of celebrity, celebrity worship and the loss of identity that results from it.8/10

Roland S (de) wrote: the special effects are actually pretty good for their time, and I had a nightmare about a tarantula afterwards