Trail Street

Trail Street

Bat Masterson (Randolph Scott) cleans up Liberal, Kansas. Ray Enright's 1947 western also stars Robert Ryan, Anne Jeffreys, Steve Brodie, George "Gabby" Hayes and Billy House.

Bat Masterson's old friend Billy Burns convinces him to become marshal of Liberal, Kansas and help the residents fight drought and a destructive range war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JB R (gb) wrote: Giallo is certainly an improvement for Argento compared to his more recent work but there are still a lot of loose ends here. The story is weak and with the exception of Brody's performance, the acting is sub-par. Visually the film looks better than Argento films have in years but still nothing compared to his best work in the 70s/80s. The film is genuinely entertaining and creepy in the first half but drags in the second half and the villain is exposed too soon. There is a nice tongue in cheek aspect to the script, combining humor with his take on the "torture-porn" horror films of late but the whole thing just can't hang together. A worth-see for Argento fans.

Jessica G (kr) wrote: Terrible acting, slow, annoying soundlevels which made me almost deaf in the "spooky" scenes while I could barely hear a word the actors said if I turned the volume down.

Anna B (br) wrote: The first 45 minutes are pretty horrible, but it suddenly explodes into a Freudian fever dream, and all the pain-staking (and boring) setups from the first half are paid off in utterly mind-warping crescendos. An argument for not turning off a movie before it's finished. Not that I ever would. But there are some impatient people out there, and they're missing out on some crazy shit.

Erin W (ru) wrote: Okay so I'am a little biased when it comes to this film. If I had seen it for the first time recently I would have bombed it. I was five when I watched it and sat mezmorized so it made a good impression and I still enjoy watching it every Christmas. The little actress was amazing and the family life was realistic not sweet and sappy. Sam Eliot starring in the film makes it a great movie. I'am inclined to give those movies higher ratings due to the childhood nostalgia that seems to fog my critquing skills .

Finlay C (mx) wrote: Deaf pride and distinct society versus the bionic ear. Fight!

Carol Jean (es) wrote: This is Burt Reynolds at his best! I love the deep south feel of this movie. It doesn't get any better than this! Love the music too.