Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

Set in a separate storyline not related to the "Trailer Park Boys" Television show, but with the same lovable characters. The boys get arrested for robbing an ATM machine and spend 18 months in jail. When the get out, they decide to pull off "The Big Dirty" which is to steal a large amount of coins because they are untraceable and quit their life of crime forever

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles come up with a scheme to steal large amounts of untraceable coins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trailer Park Boys: The Movie torrent reviews

Jennifer R (ag) wrote: Fantastic! I really enjoyed this. It showcases the extremes of both parties and the media biases.

Evan O (it) wrote: Quite intriguing con artist film. Christian Bale is fantastic in the protagonist's role as are Amy Adams as his sidekick and Bradley Cooper as antagonist, not to mention Jeremy Renner as a somewhat corrupt politician.

Gurudutt R (au) wrote: This is one of the best movies you will find in this genre with incredible realistic stunts and situtaions, this movie avoids the typical pitfall of European crime capers of a brilliant start, exciting and riveting middle only to be doused by a weak climax. This movie maintains its grip on you right from start to the end. Superb script, screen play and fantastic acting by entire cast elevates this movie into a classic. A must see if you are in a mood for a slick thriller

Bridger B (es) wrote: Camp rock, more like Camp suck. Stupid movie.

Matt T (it) wrote: I re-watched Red State. The movie unfolds in a small town dominated by a fundamentalist preacher, Abin Cooper. It tells the story of three high school boys who, on their way to an internet arranged meeting with a woman, end up crossing paths with Cooper. The encounter sets into motion a series of events that causes all hell to break loose.

Russ B (fr) wrote: 11/26/2016: An ok movie at best with just a few funny moments.

Andrew L (ag) wrote: Great comedy. The scene with Samuel L Jackson is brilliant.

Tim W (us) wrote: Typical remake of a horror classic. Unfortunately it suffered from stupidity and horror tropes and cliche's. And it looked way too polished and bright and clean. However this might have been intentional to provide a greater contrast between it and the subject matter. And let's be honest, the makeup and special effects are better than they were 25 years ago, even though that doesn't make a movie good. Tried to add the social commentary, just not as clever or subtle as the original. I'm not saying Zack Snyder is an unimaginative hack, but this movie did feel cheap, and laughably bad. Big, dumb, gory and flashy. I could nitpick every detail. but I'll just say "for what it was, it wasn't bad".

Tristan P (jp) wrote: Yet another tedious Paul Naschy film. Even the much hyped zombie scene was disapointing... So far the only Naschy film I've really liked was ROJO SANGRE. Of his "classic" (ie: old) films that I have seen (admitedly only about half a dozen), this was the least disapointing. I still want to see Hunchback of the Rue Morgue and Vengeance of the Mummy, although I seriously doubt I'll like them.

William C (fr) wrote: A great film from Hollywoods finest perood. Monroe absolutely stunning. Humorous fin film.

Eve C (gb) wrote: Suppos (C)ment LE meilleur film am (C)ricain de tout les temps ...PUTAIN QUE C'EST LONG & NUL !!!!

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Overly complicated and unsatisfying end, after such and awesome entry as Desperado. But there is some great set pieces and an awesome cast.

Anna B (it) wrote: Holy shit, that lighting. If it suffers from anything it's the fact it's a true story, so it gets frustrating when the great scenes where LaMotta's paranoia gets the best of him and a creeping sense of dread starts to build are undercut when they're followed by a scene that essentially starts, "So, anyway, a couple of years later..." and then the next chapter in this guy's life is recounted. But Scorsese powers through it to create a beautiful film, in spite of a not very interesting story.

Alison C (br) wrote: Not a fan. I had almost not patience for it, finding the pacing to be painfully slow. Everything felt needlessly drawn out and thus like very little was happening. I love Ben Kingsley but watching him call someone fat and hurl loud insults and snap all the time didn't really do much for me. Also, the movie looked super cheap. I see that scene of Ian with the huge bank vault door opening and I see where most of the budget went. I also adore Ian McShane but the only joy I got out of seeing him was hearing is amazing voice for all of three lines he has. He don't really get to do anything. I hoped the movie would take off at some point, but alas, it never does.

Jeffrey C (es) wrote: This is entertaining for what it is. A teenage boys zombie movie...and I'm 38. There were some funny moments and some dumb moments. Salty Walrus is something I'll recycle...we don't ever grow up do we?