This new Train tells the tale of an American wrestling team who board a train that just so happens to be used as a supermarket for organ harvesters.

In Europe, a group of American college athletes unknowingly board a train that will become one deadly ride. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dok M (gb) wrote: OTJ is a dark political/crime thriller. Its depiction of inmates turned assassins provides a different glimpse of the Filipino genre. Violent and vulgar the movie tries hard to be tough and gritty but characters are likeable even with the cold blooded Tatang (Torre) and the annoying naivete of Daniel (Anderson).Overall, it gives the audience the Filipino audience specifically of a commerical blockbuster filled with violence instead of recycled love stories and horrors that this type of film making can be done and should be done more in a movie crazed country.

Torion O (au) wrote: Like most movies of this sort, there are jokes that kind of fall flat. That being said, there really wasn't a lot to work with since the Twilight movies were basically parodies of themselves.

Jane D (es) wrote: It's a strange movie, i'll admit it, but it is a hidden gem. This movie is intentionally vague and nonsensical as it explores the human psyche. Who's to say what really happened there on the Yellowbrickroad. All you can know for sure is that as you lose your way on the Yellowbrickroad, you also lose your sanity.

Gregory W (us) wrote: amazing period piece about a movie within a movie & a mystery within a mystery.

Ross F (nl) wrote: Why did I even attempt to watch this???

Private U (us) wrote: A well done gangster movie that really isn't that great, but made with some spizazz.

David L (es) wrote: Hadn't realised that such a dull and uninspiring film title would star the likes of Jessica Alba, but I guess this may have been a before she was famous type role. I find myself questioning why on earth I then decided to watch it but anything seemed better than researching insurance quotes that I was busy doing that afternoon. It wasn't appealing enough to captivate me 100% but it was a bog standard watchable film that was as predictable as it's 'Step Up' and 'Streetdance' friends. I don't actually think it was as good as those simply because of the lack of innovative and imaginative dance moves, yet this was more about the storytelling than anything else. It was a typical teen girl movie that assumes that everyone wants to be Honey, a cool kid, that is down with the streets, has a passion for dance, and is the object of every boys desire. Dominated by very black cultural settings, there's a lot of 'you got it goin' on girlfriend' and 'I got your back, dog' lingo, as well as the underground drug operations taking place. This all adds to the atmosphere of the film though, and shows how good can develop from a stereotypical ghetto environment. With cameo appearances from stars like Missy E, this movie is really punching above its weight and it hasn't quite got the quality and credibility that it's cast may suggest. Yes, it's watchable and flows well, but it's not the best of its genre, and doesn't stand up to the likes of Save The Last Dance which albeit cheesy, is executed very well. You won't be disappointed by this, but you will be left wanting.

Ice R (au) wrote: Christie makes the movie.

Matt K (es) wrote: Just bad. There are basically no redeeming features of this film, except the kid, who is constantly ridiculous. Danny Glover looks like he wants to rape him all the time, which is humerous. This moviie sucks, and isn't even a merciful 90 minutes, it's close to 2 hours long.

Stefan G (br) wrote: This movie almost reminds me of Jet Li's martial arts classic "Hero", but it's clearly not as appealing or moving. Then again, this is one of those cases where I find it rather hard to put myself in the shoes the main character. The plot is, of course, based on historical events, but given that it's from a nationalistic perspective, the story tends to present foreigners in a somewhat caricatured fashion (I might also like to point out that there's a scene where there are English subtitles even though the characters in the scene speak in English). All jarring aspects of the story aside, the performances are actually quite good, even if they're not as great as they could have been. The film's production values, meanwhile, are quite good, and the highlight of the movie will undoubtedly be its well-choreographed fight scenes, which any fan of Jet Li is sure to appreciate. To summarize, the storytelling may be a little sketchy, but the fight choreography will more than make up for it, even if the fight scenes aren't always fresh.

Eytan D (mx) wrote: It has its limitations, but it's undeniable that "The Burning Bed" is perhaps the grittiest, most realistic, well-acted and controversial TV movie ever made. Based on a true story, "The Burning Bed" tells the story of woman-done-wrong Francine Hughes, who suffered years of physical abuse at the hands of her mentally unstable husband Mickey. After she can't take it anymore, she sets her husband on fire while he lays asleep in bed. Her actions became cause for one of the most interesting court cases in history. The fact that so much violence was allowed on TV screens in 1984 is astounding, but the movie works to great effect because of the underrated Farrah Fawcett as Francine. She broke away from her "Charlie's Angels" reputation and established herself as a seriously talented actress in this movie and 1986's "Extremities." Her performance in "The Burning Bed" is completely believable. Paul Le Mat is also very good as Mickey. In 1984, the film left a lasting impression. Since the passing of Farrah Fawcett, "The Burning Bed" continues to burn in the minds of TV viewers for over 30 years.

Josh K (it) wrote: I don't get it. Bresson's direction of actors (who more or less give deadpan deliveries of their lines) works well with films about ordinary people in contemporary times who suffer spiritually, emotionally, and economically. But in a tale about Arthurian legend it comes off as ostentatious and gimmicky. The film looks like it was staged by robots who have no idea how to display the intense emotions these characters are talking about (love, vengeance, betrayal, etc). Bresson makes some interesting choices when filming the "action" scenes. He obscures the identity of the actors under their medieval armor and you cannot really see who is killing who. At a tournament he focuses on repetitive action and mainly shows the legs of the horses. The film's production values are modest which gives it more of a sense of verisimilitude (which is hurt by the actor's non-performances).

Joshua L (us) wrote: A pretty well done fucked little story!

Edward C (kr) wrote: Plot/Summary,Jackie Chan directs himself and fellow martial arts superstar Sammo Hung in the action film Jackie Chan's Project A. Chan plays a 19th century Coast Guard office who must defend Hong Kong's borders from a variety of smugglers and undesirables. As is usually the case, Chan performs all of his own stunts during the film.My ReviewThis is the best Jackie Chan film i have ever seen and this is coming from a Jackie Chan fan. I love it when Jackie Chan always does his own stunts as always but i believe or should say i think that this is the only Jackie Chan film that i have given a 5 out of 5 to that was given a great on the critics meter in this site. Anyway i don't have much to say about this film except that it's wonderful (one of the best Japenese films i've ever seen) and the best Jackie Chan film i've ever seen.