Train Man

Train Man

Densha Otoko (translated as Train Man) is a Japanese movie based on the purportedly true story of a 23-year-old otaku (Japanese geek) who intervened when a drunk man was harassing a woman on a train. The otaku ultimately started dating with her and chronicled his event and his dates with the woman (who became known as "Hermès") on the Japanese mega-BBS 2channel.

The supposedly true story of a 23-year-old otaku (Japanese geek) who intervenes when a drunk man is harassing several women on a train. The otaku ultimately begins dating one of the women, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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eleni k (nl) wrote: Amazing movie!!!! The acting was incredible and the story was extremely motivational

Lee M (ag) wrote: There's a chic emptiness to "Entertainment," undoubtedly, and anti-comedy constructs that may rub the wrong way, but there's also a spiky intelligence at work too, one that engages through the artifice of disengagement and the illusion of "performance."

nipp s (kr) wrote: Larry David being Larry David. Yeah it's funny and awkward but it doesn't offer anything I can't get by watching old episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I didn't want to compare it to Curb because that's what everyone is going to do, the problem is when you play the same character over and over it leads to comparisons. I almost didn't give this the extra Michael Keaton star but I did because you know... He's Batman...

Magnus S (ag) wrote: A surprisingly good Action/Thriller!!

Garyin T (ca) wrote: the purpose of the movie seemed to be to mock the "real" Journey to the West...none of it made any sense...everything was over the top, just totally a waste of time, nonsense...

Daniel L (ca) wrote: Interesante ejercicio cinematogrfico. En pocos minutos, y a veces casi sin palabras, es capaz de transmitir una idea clara de los personajes.

Mike D (fr) wrote: This movie is glorious

Ryan D (de) wrote: A horror Film with Robert Englund whats not to like

Bruce s (au) wrote: seen it but i was not over the moon to rav about, it was tomuch like the "the Whole Nine Yards"

Jackson S (us) wrote: The most anemic and painful Disney sequels of them all. with the stupidest moral ever, get it the bell is "beautiful on the inside". FACEPALM. the original is barley watchable why this?

Muhammad G (br) wrote: terlalu mendayu-dayu @[email protected],...!!!!!iyak,iyak ane ngaku dah suka ama ost nya yg judulnya humko humise churalo itu......

Sanjaya (de) wrote: watched it when i was child... it was great Japaneses monster movie... one of my fave childhood movie...

Federico F (ca) wrote: Good splatter films, with the compliments of the technique of Mr. Rodriguez, capacitated in horror mistare and riotous action in an ancient context: that of the vampires. Unfortunately not very happy with the interpretation of the actors apart from the great Harvey Keitel

Gavin M (gb) wrote: This is a John Travolta classic! This movie just proves why Travolta will always be in my eye the coolest actor that has ever lived. After all, this was one of his movies that made me a Travolta fanatic at the time when I was just a little kid and started falling in love with movies, especially Travolta who after seeing in Saturday Night Fever which was one of my very first movies and is still one of my favorite movies to this day. But Get Shorty for me reminds me of why Travolta is so cool as an actor. Maybe it's because he is from New Jersey lol, but aside from that I just think Travolta is a damn good actor and that is why I will always love Quentin Tarantino for taking a chance and fighting for John Travolta to play Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, even after the studio did not want him for the part as Travolta was declared a dead star because of his recent failures at the time with other movies, but thank God Tarantino fought for him because it literally is one of the best comeback stories of all time. Right next to Michael Keaton for Birdman. But as much as I love Travolta in this movie the other person that really makes the movie for me as well is Dennis Farina who plays the gangster Ray Barboni from Miami. He plays the character to a tee as the wiseguy who acts tough and thinks he knows it all, but Travolta keeps putting him in his place. Every word that comes out of Farina's mouth is just priceless. As I feel he should have really got a Best Supporting Oscar nomination for his performance as I really thought he nailed the part. Rene Russo, Gene Hackman, and Danny DeVito also all turn in fine performances as well and Rene Russo who I really think is one of the most sexiest and watchable actresses of all time really shines in this movie. It's also awesome to see Delroy Lindo and James Gandolfini in this movie as well as they really have such great presence in this movie. But for me who also shines in this movie even though it's small role is Bette Midler and you'll know the scene I'm talking about when you see it with her and Gene Hackman and even though she was 50 at the time making this movie she looked HOT! But the real credit goes to Barry Sonnenfeld who also directed Men In Black has really created one of the best movies of the 1990's.

Graeme H (mx) wrote: Gorgeous cinematography and such aesthetic locales. Polanski is awesome in a lead, and MacGowran and Tate are exciting supporters. Strange for Polanski, but an amazingly good time. Quite possibly the runner up to Chinatown.

Orlok W (us) wrote: Excellent "B-Film" 1956 SCI-FI--Space,Mutants,Future!!

Steve G (es) wrote: A nice story, that elicits anticipation for a wonderful ending, but sadly, disappoints. Great music. At times, there's more moral ambiguity than I care for. It's almost Robert Louis Stevenson-like. Or, perhaps, Mark Twain (like I've read either). Nice to see Alan Napier, pre-Alfred Pennyworth. It was a thrilling ride, but the conclusion doesn't quite pay-off in the way that it could have. Still worth the watch, however.

Matt H (au) wrote: Easily the best of the earlier Warners gangster films that I've seen. In some ways it feels like a summation or artistic exclamation on the genre. The story is just very well done and isn't dated in the least. Cagney is again electric, and what a great way to sum up his career as a gangster; never was he as frightening or dangerously crazy as he is portrayed here. Wonderfully written and directed as well. Great work all around.

Kristelle E (ru) wrote: Wow, everything a classic flick would offer!All the cast are great actors, they fit well with their characters and it doesn't feel force or anything. The story's kind of cliche (because I have only watched it at this time of the year and it's been a decade!) This is a very clean and fresh teenage romance classic flick I would probably still enjoy watching after a decade or more.

Gavin B (ca) wrote: So bad, it was almost good... almost, but not quite.