Train To Busan

Train To Busan

Martial law is declared when a mysterious viral outbreak pushes Korea into a state of emergency. Those on an express train to Busan, a city that has successfully fended off the viral outbreak, must fight for their own survival…

The film follows a man (Gong Yoo), his estranged daughter and other passengers as they fight their way through a countrywide viral outbreak on a suspense-filled, blood-drenched bullet train ride to Busan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy S (es) wrote: There is a sex scene in the beginning. This movie is not for kids under 17 and should be rated R.

ruban d (fr) wrote: One more glimpse of Mr. Selvaragavan!Worth watching.. The film is definitely a deviation from the run-of-the-mill stuff that is delivered from Kollywood??s dream factory from time to time. Selva has also excelled in making a ??very different?? movie which is sensitive, engaging and soul-searching.Credits to GV Prakash- U r Next!

Rahul P (jp) wrote: Obviously a milestone in Indian cinema!!!!!

Mark C (ru) wrote: I watched 2/3 of Fuel and that was too much. I tried but could not hang.

Debbi Anderson S (au) wrote: This has got to be the worst movie I have EVER seen. Grotesque B style, only less convincing. Interlaced with pornographic material that made me cringe. At one point a prostitute actually asked him if he wanted to watch her take a shit (while squating on the toilet). It wasn't even in the manner of a documentary, rather a low class, x rated video. I didn't even finish it. I have watched several less professional movies that I have enjoyed, but this was rediculous.

Garima V (br) wrote: a fun movie one of the character really make sme feel good about my own self

Zarinah H (ca) wrote: I watched this on LMN the other night and plan to purchase the DVD for my mother who loves stories rooted in the supernatural. Based on a true story, "The Legend of Lucy Keyes" stars the talented Julie Delpy as Jeanne Cooley who moves with her husband Guy [Justin Theroux], and daughters Molly [Kathleen Regan] and Lucy [Cassidy Hinkle] to rural New England, specifically the town of Princeton, MA where Guy is working on a windmill project under the supervision of local councilwoman Samantha Porter [Brooke Adams]. Before long, the Cooleys discover that quite a few of the townspeople are not in favor of the project and make their objections known, specifically Gretchen Caswell [Jamie Donnelly] who is the unofficial keeper of the town's heritage, and hostile/creepy next-door neighbor Jonas Dodd.Jeanne who is also grieving the tragic death of her youngest daughter, keeps hearing a woman's voice from the woods, a voice that seems to be calling out for something she has lost, and as Jeanne digs into the history of the old farmhouse they occupy, she discovers the mysterious disappearance of 6-year-old Lucy Keyes back in the 1700s, and how the tragedy caused her mother to go almost insane. The rest of the movie revolves around Jeanne trying to solve the mystery of the disembodied voice and figuring out her own daughter's [Lucy] role in the mystery.The movie is actually quite engaging and well-made, despite being more of a made-for-TV type of show. The production qualities are impressive, with beautiful cinematography of the lush New England landscape. The acting is also quite credible, especially Julie Delpy's grieving/conflicted mother, who shares a strong affinity with her younger daughter, reminiscent of Lucy Keyes' own deep bond with her mother. Justin Theroux does not really impress in his role as the husband/father, remaining a secondary character for most of the movie. The other stand-out performance was by the little girl who plays Lucy Cooley. She is not only adorable but is also credible in her role without being annoying. The guy who plays the creepy neighbor also does a good job.The special effects are nothing to shout about, and this is not a scary movie. It is more of a supernatural thriller with more suspense elements than real horror, which makes it a decent family drama. Recommended for fans of supernatural-themed dramas.

Garrett (us) wrote: It can't quite equal its brother film Letters From Iwo Jima, but Flags Of Our Fathers is still a resounding, largely bleak look at what it means to be a hero, and of course the evil of war.

Tom B (ag) wrote: If you haven't seen the movie yet don't read my review, yet. (I don't want to give anything away because I enjoyed it without reading anything beforehand). My impression was that Bulcsu was the person who was committing all the murders and the dark shadowy figure was his conscience. Since he spends so much time in the system he knows where all the cameras are, and his boss points that out to him, some people think that the boss is the pusher and he accuses Bulcsu to eliminate himself as a suspect. After Bulcsu meets Sofie he's smitten with her and then she supposedly awakens him and says she wants to show him something, but that is a just a dream, it's his subconscious telling him that she suspects he's the pusher, and that's why she wants to "show him something" meaning she knows. I think that the other agent who he races with through the tunnel also suspects Bulcsu and is hoping that Bulcsu dies during the race. No one else is able to see the dark shadowy figure, at least no one interacts with him and notice how after Bootsie is pushed in front of the train, Bulcsu closes his eyes and the dark figure passes right by him, and subsequently his boss shows him the tape and states that there was no one else on the tape except for Bulcsu, so he must be the pusher. I think the supposed fight near the end between Bulcsu and the shadowy figure is just him wrestling with his conscience and he decides that he either has to kill himself or get out of the system and quit his job, and then Sofie shows up either looking like a butterfly or an angel and takes him out of the subway which is his own personal hell, and takes him back to earth, in other word she's a type of guardian angel.

Amber K (ru) wrote: A intriguing supernatural, psychological thriller, which is let down only by an abrubt and seemingly incomplete denouement.

emma C (es) wrote: Loveeeee this movie!!!!!!

Lillian J (us) wrote: I was in love with this movie, but ya too much imagination.

Sarah F (ru) wrote: i would like to see this

Tom G (mx) wrote: So my friend Matt and I, when we were in our teens, used to walk to Hollywood video and pick whatever random new horror movie would jump out at us, rent it, drink soda, stay up all night and watch it. This one totally sucked.

James M (de) wrote: I would suggest this movie to anyone...for the sound bites alone. I have used many-a-line from this movie as my leader message on my phone voicemail...priceless.

Dan G (kr) wrote: Charles Bronson versus the Mormons. How was he ever taken seriously as an action star? I mean look at him

Lee M (ca) wrote: Reisz' black comedy has not aged well, but it's a good capsule of its time.

Andrew B (it) wrote: Another strong performance from Gable.