Train to Tombstone

Train to Tombstone

One of the passengers on a train to Tombstone decides to rob it of the $250,000 it is carrying.

One of the passengers on a train to Tombstone decides to rob it of the $250,000 it is carrying. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vache A (mx) wrote: An elegance of thought and courage.

Monika L (us) wrote: Another Czech movie on Flixster...Great I wouldlike to see it as soon as possible....

Weul S (au) wrote: The citizen kane of donkey movies.

Jordan P (mx) wrote: The acting is quite shy of amazing, but as is the premise of the movie, what's life without a bit of fun?

Robbie B (ag) wrote: Big Bird is feeling lonely in Sesame Street since he was never raised by a bird family and there are no other birds living there. Opportunity soon knocks when Big Bird gets the opportunity to live with a family of birds. However, Big Bird finds that he is not happy with his new family and decides he is going to head back to Sesame Street and what follows is the great adventure back home while Big Bird's real family tries desperately to find him. It may seem weird for a 20-year-old man to get excited about this movie, but even though this is technically a kids movie and can be enjoyed by anyone who has liked Sesame Street at some point in their lives. For kids, its a fun movie with their favorite characters and for adults it's a nostalgia movie. I really enjoyed this movie in the way that it shows the importance of family and that it does not matter who is raising who, but rather how they raise you. Family is more than that. I also enjoyed the musical numbers and thought the songs were pretty catchy considering they are meant for young children (including the one featuring Waylon Jennings). I even liked Kermit the Frog's cameo in it. I'm not sure if he was still a starring muppet on the show, but nonetheless, I liked how they threw him in. However, there were two parts of this movie that kept me from giving it a perfect score. The first is the Dodo family, a family of dodo birds and the family that Big Bird temporarily lives with. Their behavior is just plain silly and I realize they are suppose to be since that motivates Big Bird to leave, but even after he leaves they still act silly and do not seem to care that their new family member has just run away from them (so much for family). There's even a part where they act a little like racists when they tell Big Bird he needs a new best friend since his best friend, Snuffy, isn't a bird. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the intention of Jim Henson, but it still felt wrong. I also wasn't very fond of Cookie Monster in this movie. For the most part, Cookie Monster is just eating up Gordon's car. I know that this is part of Cookie Monster's character as he eats things other than just cookies (or even food), but a car is just ridiculous. I did not find that funny even at a kid's level of humor. However, these are small flaws to an otherwise very good movie and I'm not ashamed to have watched this on my own at age 20.

Kurt B (ru) wrote: Even though we've seen it all before, I imagine we should expect some sequels. And not simply because the story was obviously set up that way, but because Dix has been able to tap into something, well, sticky.

Shawn B (kr) wrote: a cowboy masterpiece.

Craig W (ru) wrote: Really great movie. Newman does it again.

Garrett C (it) wrote: Fun but sort of slow movie from 1957, Frank Sinatra's greatest year by far. It's a gas to see Frank at his height, and it's no sore point that Kim Novak and Rita Hayworth are his supporting broads. The Technicolor is fabulous, and the songs are Rodgers/Hart (need I say more?). If you're a fan of the fifties at its most opulently colorful and swingin', don't miss Sinatra in top form here.

John S (ag) wrote: Twenty Minutes of Love was Chaplin's first written and directed movie and in a way, it shows. It shows early traces of his trademark ingenuity, but it's still in it's primitive and crude stages, i.e. not fully realized. Twenty Minutes of Love is another one of Charlie's less impressive shorts, but still manages to be thoroughly enjoyable and amusing due to Charlie's impeccably brilliant charm and unique comedic stylings.

James R (au) wrote: Like an asylum film just with better CGI A.K.A. this sucked It makes no literal sense! First it starts with a moron of a caveman hunting mammoths and running from inaccurate size smilodons then it shows the Egyptians building pyramids with Mammoths. This movie should be renamed to the adventures of the Inaccurate caveman.

Andr D (nl) wrote: El director Henry Selick vuelve al mundo del stop-motion ("The Nightmare Before Christmas", "James And The Giant Peach"), con una deliciosa versin gtica de "Alicia a traves del espejo", cortesa de Neil Gaiman ("Sandman"). Este debut de los estudios Laika demuestra la efectividad de una historia sutil, muy emocional y enfocada a un pblico ms preadolescente y adolescente que infantil.

Joseph A (kr) wrote: An interesting version, but not an instant favorite. It felt very rushed, so much so that I didn't feel that I knew the characters enough to care about their choices.

Robert B (it) wrote: Great flick at home, probably was not that good having to sit in crowded theater to see it re:plot and some dead (LOL) areas in the film.